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body parts for R33 skyline gts-t


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Hey, I'm from the United States, and just got an r33 gts-t imported here,

I've found a skyline on cardomain.com that I want to style mine like (in the front end at least) but being in the united states, I'm having alot of trouble locating places where I can buy these parts heres the link to the pic of the car


if anyone knows what kind of hood/grill/front bumper/front lip or any body parts on that can are called or where I can find then I'd be extremly grateful, thanks in advance, later on

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hey I got a hold of the jet speed dealer in sydney, they want to charge me 450 australian dollars for the front bar and 450 to ship it, does that price sound good to you guys or do you think they're just trying to rape an "ignorant" american :)

also do you know where I could locate that hood, I'm having troubles trying to find it :)

thanks man

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