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Going through yahoo japan today i came across some interesting words that i couldnt figure out......but after looking at the picture that each word referred to....it was easy.... here are the words in question......







if you put on your best japanese accent it becomes apparent that they are saying radiator,spoiler,fuse,fuel,camber and gear......

please post any more that you know of.....would be good to make a list of these for reference purposes

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Daun-sasu - Down sus (low down suspension)

futto wa-ku - Footwork (suspension)

suttearingu - steering (steering wheel)

hoi-ru - wheel

shee-to - seat

o-dio - audio

Theres soooo many more... actually, it'd be better to type these out in katakana, because typing it this way in romaji is misleading as to the pronunciation, but a student (or someone living in Japan) will know how to pronounce these properly.

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spahk puragu - Spark Plugs

firutah - Filter



kyaburetah - Carburetor

shirindah - Cylinder


hando-burayki - handbrake

toranku - trank/boot


kurank-shafuto - crank shaft

fog-rampu - fog lamp


camu-shafuto - camshaft

pedaru - pedal




stearing-koram - steering column

sheet-beruto - seat belt


fronto-garas - windshield/front glass

tigh-yah - wheel/tyre

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