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Noob to Skylines (and everything Fast) - what to modify first ?


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Hello everyone,

i know i am a noob and u shud no 2 - so be gentle wit me please :cheers:

Now i have had a 95 r33 gts-25t for about 6 months and have not done anything to it besides abit of accessorising and audio - nothing performance wise.

Now u may have seen my last post about BOV and why i should and why i shouldnt - thats all part of the same overall question i have , what should be the first things that should be modified to add abit of performance ?

Now my goal is to have a more then average skyline - but i wont front im no racer - im no drifter, i enjoy a bit of sideways just liek the next guy or gal but im not gona gear my car for that specific reason.

What steps or actions should i be taking to acheive a more then average skyline?

(as in cat back exhaust or wot have you first then work on intake)

ALSO by the by

servicing skylines - can it be done at any competent mechanic? or should be soley touched by a import mechanic or sports car mechanic? i know theres that motul oil thats gold and i doubt normal mechanics would use it.


Im in sydney blacktown/castle hill way - who is a good automechanic i should be going to around this area? and more importantly who should i be staying away from?

THanks alot for this guys and girls - by the way this site its fantasmic, im learning more and more with every thread i read here.

Thanks guys , peace

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well whilst ur car isn't to far from stock mechanics own't make a difference, find a guy u like who appreciates ur car, and find out what oils etc... he uses, stick with him, or if u use 1 workshop for all ur mods, use them

exhaust, frount mount intercooler, pod or upgraded panel filter should definitely be ur first plan of attack, followed by a simple boost controller up to 12 psi (ish)

the computer and that's about as far as u can go before u need bigger turbo, injectors, fuel pump, cams, AFM (air flow meter), then forgies and so on,,,,, how much cash u got.....

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What you REALLY should do is go and see John at Unique Auto Sports at Castle Hill. He will have everything you need. Know everything you need to know and also advise you on what is the next best modification for your car. He will also take care of your services without any issues as he deals with skylines / imports 100% of the time. He is your man.

His website is at www.gtr.com.au - he has been in the game for years.

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First thing you should change is the fuel pump,fuel filter & injector clean. trust me on this. Far too many RB's get killed from lean-outs after upping the boost w/stock fuel pump. There are many threads about "#x piston/ringland damage after upping boost with stock fuel pump".

Just look at Geoff's engine failure thread !

Cheap insurance for future power ups.

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well my suggestion would be for the basics.. strut tower brace - they are nice and cheap, 10 minutes to fit, and makes a nice difference to handling. Then looking at some aftermarket springs to firm up the handling - not going all out to start with, some whiteline springs are well priced. I wouldn't go 2nd hand on suspension unless you know the history.

Then replace cat-back, then front pipe.. put in a good panel filter (ignore the pod for now).

Then maybe fuel pump (another cheap insurance mod). After that a $100 bleed valve (sell it later to buy the EBC when you need it), then an S-AFC to be able to extract more power.

All of this can be had for around $2000, and you're already well on the road to a better car.

p.s. there is loads of other info on this in this section.. try a search for "first mods", "what should I do to my skyline", etc

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Very good point DnB,

I am 19 - green P Plater ... and ive actually enjoyed the 'challenge' of driving a performance car safley. I learnt and drove a diesel landcruiser 60 series 1985 for about 98% of my driving career - and then got my skyline .... the difference ... enormus as expected but i feel that i am a superior driver do to my experience of driving an extremely awquard car.

Just my thoughts anyway - what does everyone else think?

Or perhaps i will never be as good a driver who learnt to drive on a skyline or performance car?

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Go for the turbo back exhaust, with high flow cat. Make sure u get a well known brand that is not loud...

Some nice rims, and possibly a cooler and you will have a nice line...

MAke it look nice - maybe an aftermarket bar, and some 18's.



Call Fred @ RevRite Perfomance - he is in Silverwater, and is a great mechanic... Tell him Paul sent you..

9648 0264 - www.revriteperformance.com

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One of my sisters friends about a week ago, inherited an R33 Skyline after 1 week on his P plates, came out of maccas, put foot to the floor, lost control, smashed into the opposite side curb and bent his rear axle. Goes to show that first time P platers shouldn't be given high performance cars as first cars. Sticking with the good ol' lasers and civics as first cars would be a smart idea and would also save you big bucks in the end.

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