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New To The Skyline World-Help Needed!!

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Hey All,

After Much Consideration i have parted with my 1999 Sti and have decided to purchase a R34 GT-T, However im new to purchasing directly from an importer. there are a fair few GTT's that are for private sale but ive more or less decided to start from stock (or close to it) and work my way up. Ive been researching everything i can about skylines and i just would like to know from enthusiasts/owners what i should keep an eye out for when purchasing This Model. Ive read all your tutorials and various buying guides, pros and cons etc etc and they gave me a rough idea but they didnt cover the R34. So Any help, pointers, suggestions,directional advice,what to look for etc etc would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Everyone.

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Guest qtvinsta

The Control Arm bushes are gel filled and prone to leaking.

I had to replace them on my '98 GTT with urethane ones.

3 of the 4 shocks were leaking by 40000km as well as slipping clutch which, when i swapped out for a twin plate showed slipping occuring due to worn friction plates.

I must admit i did quite a few hard launches using slipping to control traction. The shocks, i can't explain.

All minor stuff, i guess from the way i drive... i got the car two years ago with less than 10000km....

I just upgraded the parts, and i guess most enthusiasts probably would.... and the car drives better now too.

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