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RB25 Head - RB30 Bottom End

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Just requiring info on this build-up, wat is required to make them suit together and is it a good move, would i be expecting good performance.

Reason i ask this is because i can get them fairly cheap cheap, i've inspected them both, and there both in good order, no bad wear anywhere.

The Head is only an N/A Head, what is the difference between them and the turbo head.

Another thing, how do i prove it's an RB25 head and i don't have an RB20 Head


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if it came with the cam cover, it will say RB25 or RB20 but i assume its not otherwise you would have seen it already

but take a look here:


the bloke who did this rb30/25 conversion said that he knows the head to be rb25 because he injected oil into the combustion chamber using a syringe wich has cc measurments on it. So he just kepts track of how much he has injected and when its full you have the capacity, but that might not help either, because you won't be able to inject oil until you buy it.

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