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Squeaking Scraping noise from rear left

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Hi all.

Took my car down the coast over new years, and has since developed a mild squeak, then scraping noise coming from the rear left tyre.

Was staying at a friends beach house down near the beach, and hardly drove the car. The back roads are mainly gravel/dirt, so i drove very slowly and carefully, didnt hit anything.

Which is why i am suprised that something may be wrong. At first i thought maybe something wrong with the tyre, or stone stuck in brakes etc.

It does a slight squeak when crawling along at walking pace, but the sound gets louder and louder, until it sounds like a scraping noise.

I managed to drive it back to town (100km+) without incident, and the noise appeared to have gone away. However driving it around my block just now, it was certianly there.

I gather no one will be able to shed any light as is on the forum, I didnt see anything obviously wrong during the day, and cant see under the car whilst moving.

Has anyone suggestions on where i might take it or do. My usual mechanic is on holidays, so i am out of luck there. Is it worth trying the local tyre shops?

I think it just needs to be put on a hoist, but doubt they can troubleshoot as it prolly only becomes obvious whilst driving, unless jumps out at someone.

There are several workshops around, but they are sharks in this area. I dont mind taking it to some franchise, so long as i dont need to replace major parts. Wondering if i should go to a suspension shop instead, altho i did get burned by pedders last time.

Aim here is to get car back on the road, as most places seem to be off til 17th.



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I was pretty shagged on monday night. Didnt think to jack the car until today.

Had some friends who are apprentice mechanics, who said i could bring it by their work.

Drove it around the block, at first thought it was wear indicator, but isnt constant, and looking at the pads through the wheels is heaps left.

I was planning to jack the car, but they have nicked off now after working all day. Said i should be fine to drive it, encouraged me to do so, shake whatever is lose, but would have thought driving on freeway 100km would have done that.

oh well. obvious thing to do is yeah, jack it & clean it.



Well the noise seemed to have gone during the past 2 days.

Ended upl putting it on hoist, to see what might have been the problem. Was expecting to see some scratches or damage somewhere.

Found a small stone caught in the backing plate of the disc. Nicely polished on a few sides. Assuming this was the culprit. Makes sense.

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