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  1. Very nice white R34 gtt in woden this morning...
  2. Followed a silver R33 GTR this morning heading south along the Monaro Hwy...
  3. Spotted a silver R32 GTR parked outside subway erindale this morning...
  4. [emoji849]
  5. I have a set of series 1 R33 4 Door taillights for sale. They are in near perfect condition. Lenses not marked or scratched. $300 ono. Also have an OEM Navan factory option rear wing for an R33 4 Door. Grey. Would look good with a cut and polish, but a respray would be better. Is missing the rubber feet for the 2 outside parts of the wing, but should easily be able to get something cut to fit at clark rubber or wherever. $150 ono. Always happy to talk price. Cheers, Luke.
  6. Followed a silver R32 GTR with South Australian plates into Monash yesterday. Looked good, just needed a wash 😁 Got a wave, cheers bro...
  7. Spotted a gun metal R32 GTR parked behind erindale college during the week on more than 1 occasion. Had an old Skylines Australia ACT sticker on the rear window and yellow fog lights in front of the grill. Been around a while from memory...
  8. Sweet! Check PM...
  9. WTB working R33 gts-t cluster. Prefer Auto but manual will also work. Not fussed about how many KM'S are displayed. Cheers, Luke.