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  1. Hey All, I’ve had this car for over 3 years as my daily driver/family run around. My kids have now outgrown the backseats and it’s time for me to get a bigger car. It has been serviced every 7,000-8,000 km’s and always garaged both at home and at work. The car is mostly stock with just a few of the usual mods done without being over the top. The Body/Paint is in excellent condition with the exception of a small dent/scratch on the left rear quarter panel. The car drives great and has been very reliable for me. The Raiders Number Plates won’t be sold with the car. I have done/replaced the following: New Battery (3/11/18!), Hi-flow Turbo and Gaskets, Replaced Gearbox with Low Km unit, New Front Tyres (2 months old), Water Pump, Timing Belt, Tensior Bearing, Coil Packs, Spark Plugs, KYB Shocks, Stereo and Front Speakers, LED Bulbs in Dash and Interior Lighting, Front Brake Rotors and Pads, Thermostat Housing Gasket, Clear Side Indicators and GT Badges, New Set of Wheel Nuts, New Vacuum Lines, Replaced Drivers Door Card, Replaced Drivers Door Switches, Repressed Rear Steering Rack Tie Rod Ends, Replaced Front Seats and Fitted New Rails, Replaced Heater Core, Cleaned out Inside of A/C Unit (Under Dash!) and Re-lubed Seals, Cleaned behind the entire Dashboard and inside all the Air Vents. Mods: 17 Inch genuine Volk Racing Wheels, Hi-flowed Turbo, FMIC, GTR Plumb Back BOV, Enclosed K&N Pod Filter with Cold Air intake, 3 Inch Turbo back Exhaust, Walboro Fuel Pump, Boost Gauge, Side Skirts and Rear Pods. The car has a couple of small issues but nothing major. It has a small power steering ‘weep’ from the bottom of the reservoir hose (not bad at all, thus I haven’t repaired it) and the A/C needs to be re-gassed. $8,000. No Swaps or Lowball Offers please. Cheers, Luke. Call or Text 0438 481 354. Located in Canberra.
  2. Frink

    After an r33 auto gearbox. If anyone has one, let me know. Cheers...
  3. Frink

    I'll be going. Gonna be driving up on the Friday sometime. Would be cool to cruise up as a group, depending on what time people want/can leave...
  4. Finally got around to digging up the rest of the parts... So, also for sale: set of R34 shocks and springs. shocks in good condition, no leaks. springs are Lovell Sports Rider and are quite firm. Good legal ride height. the springs will also fit onto a set of r33 shocks. $80 set of r33 sedan door cards. fronts not in good condition. rears are much better, but not perfect. $80 the lot OEM Navan r33 sedan rear wing. good condition. paint starting to fade. brake light intact. $130 Sard fuel pressure reg. only used for short amount of time. $100 Greddy BOV. good condition. only used for 6 months or so. $100 Prices negotiable. Cheers, Luke.
  5. Frink

    vkadam, I'm interested in the stock suspension if you still got it. Let me know. Cheers, Luke.
  6. Got some R33 parts for sale... Located in Canberra. NISMO R33 RB25DET 3" Front Exhaust Pipe. Comes with Dump Pipe and O2 Sensor - $150 Series 1 R33 4 Door Rear Tail Lights. Excellent condition, not a mark on them - $300 (pair) R33 Polished Wiper Arms - $30 Have got a few more R33 4 door parts which I'll add soon, so watch this space... Will ship at buyers expense. Contact me through here or msg. Cheers, Luke.
  7. Frink

    Got some R33 parts for sale.... NISMO R33 RB25DET Front Exhaust Pipe. Comes with Dump Pipe and O2 Sensor - $150 Series 1 R33 4 Door Rear Tail Lights. Excellent condition, not a mark on them - $300 (pair) R33 Polished Wiper Arms - $30
  8. Frink

    Yeah I know, he is pretty good. I'm just trying for the cheaper option 1st!
  9. Frink

    Also chasing an R33 heater core in good nick...
  10. Frink

    Hey All, need a pair of rear seat belts for an R33. ive got a 4 door, but im pretty sure 2 door belts would also fit. i also reckon r34 belts would also bolt in. Let me know, Cheers...
  11. Frink

    Yay! Mini Cruise! [emoji38]
  12. Frink

    Works for me...