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  1. r34abz

    Spotted Thread

    nah i didn't toot haha i was going the other way, tried my best to avoid looking at her
  2. r34abz

    Spotted Thread

    saw Matt's 33R pulled over by hwypat on Dorset rd today around 1:30, hope everything was okay mate!
  3. Kaskade - Angel On My Shoulder (EDX Remix)
  4. such a great combo, your car definitely lives up to the plates haha tis mint!
  5. r34abz


    God damn those are some nice pics + cars!
  6. Shouldn't be posting pornographic material Grant.
  7. was it those two 17yo teens that stole yours? they were the one's who stole that stag and others too. :@
  8. yeah just newer cars, evo's, rex's are still banned.
  9. non turbo brah and yeah have a pod (don't have a stock airbox, never had one or else i would've kept it on as the pod is fkn useless lol), pea shooter 2inch exhaust with a resonator and rear muffler and a stock cat.
  10. anyone ever had a noise and emissions test done? or have used indy automotive repairs in moorabbin? i've booked my test on thursday sigh..
  11. so much this. might have been a different one but a silver 33 4 door got stolen as well :s and just popped up now a 32 got stolen from huntingdale station a couple of hours ago and a supra was attempted to in burwood too. :s
  12. a 33 4 door, 32 gtst 2 door and a integra dc2r stolen last night wtf this is getting out of hand. people in the knox/burwood areas be very careful!
  13. fark, stagea and a 32 stolen this morning
  14. pea shooter exhaust and stock cat...check height above 100mm...check (150mm 4wd spec) pod filter bracket...check bring on rwc and epa. Scotty you legend haha thanks again man
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