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  1. Are you able to run BCNR33000836 for me?
  2. Plastic Covers off R33 GTR S1.5 Steering wheel Hi All, Anyone got a destroyed R33 GTR Steering wheel that i can get the plastic tabs off? The plastic cover plates that cover bolt holes on both sides, and the cover panel on the bottom. I'm pretty sure it needs to be from a S1.5 GTR.. because i grabbed some off a stanard R33 1.5 and they don't fit. Will post up pics of the plate sizes later on.
  3. Found one over at Japco in Adelaide... this wheel is MINT ! Got his last one... Has a few S2 wheels there & a couple R34
  4. Got a wheel now.. just need the clockspring with the "h". Anyone got one?
  5. Hi Guys, Just chasing an R33 S1.5 Airbag Steering Wheel & Clock Spring Clock Spring to suit i believe is marked with a "H" Cheers
  6. Keen to see how you go as my fan blower Isn't working at the moment either. From what I've read the AC Resistor can often be the cause. I believe its in your picture I'm just about to start troubleshooting mine in the next few days. I can't handle the thought of taking out the dash.. so hopefully everything is easily accessible. ! Good Luck
  7. ** Updated ** Still chasing a few parts Rear Parcel Shelf – Standard with speaker covers & child restraint points Glovebox Centre Console Lid with good working latch S1 or S2 Standard Steering Wheel R33 Good Condition Floor Mats Boot Carpet Boot Struts that will hold boot with spoiler up
  8. Delayed Thanks Sin. Good work buddy.
  9. CHeers mate but just after standard GTR mats. Thanks anyway.
  10. Chasing a few R33 Parts off a S1 Might add more in the coming days R33 GTR Rims (with good tyres preferebaly) Parcel Shelf Factory – No Speaker Holes preferred Glovebox preferably with matching key Centre Console Lid with good working latch Dash Facia – Standard - Not painted .. & must be in good nick Ignition barrel with 2 x Nissan Keys - & matching lock set for 2 doors & boot (and glovebox too would be nice) R33 GTR Front Disc Rotors – must have plenty of life GTR Floor Mats Prefer Adelaide pickup but will definitely consider interstate
  11. Any chance you could look up this one for me mate ? BCNR33002295 Any way of knowing what k's it had when it left Japan? Cheers
  12. IF buying the front & rears together i'll make it $350 for all 4 corners. I've also got a Genuine Nissan GTR front strut brace for $110
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