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  1. Hi looking to buy some items for R33 GTR series 1 Driver and passenger door card's including inserts (switches). Front splitter Gear stick boot / surrounding Stock wheels If anyone knows anyone parting one or might have this items please let me know. Must be original condition series 1 and in excellent condition. QLD but will pay shipping. Thank you
  2. Hi looking to buy some items for R33GTR series 1
  3. Are you allowed to post wanted adds? WTB? Searching to buy? Thank you
  4. Congratulations Ellie on the GTR purchase 

  5. elleskyline

    R33 GTR (build in process)

    Finally saved up for my pride and joy I drove from Brisbane too Adelaide and back too rescue this thing from a carport where she sat for 5 years with a blown motor. I intend to restore her back too immaculate and original condition. The car was totally stock upon purchase bar the wheels and fmic.
  6. Hey fella's Apologies on bringing up a pretty old thread. But I have purchased / rescued a 1995 s1 none v-spec gtr as it was the only original mnp and completely stock gtr within my reach. And I am curious about the lower/stiffer suspension of the v-spec? Can anyone list the actual differences in the suspension components between an s1 vspec and s1 none vpec? Thank you!
  7. RB25 Drift Build Question's / Advice. Chasing some basic advice for the finishing touches and general opinions on my RB25dett build, this motor will be primarily used for drifting and run on e85. The build so far... Block bored and honed CP pistons Eagle rods ARP head bolts ACL race bearings 1000cc bosh injectors N1 oil pump Upgraded water pump Gates timing belt Fuel rail Custom forward facing plenum High mount steam pipe manifold Pierburg external fuel pump, walbro in tank pump + surge tank Trust fmic Alloy rad Turbo I am unsure of the best turbo to run for my application. I do have a Garret gt3582R + external gate, which I got second hand, but has too much shaft play. I have been quoted upward of 1k for a full rebuild from MTQ Engine Systems. Should I repair it and run it, or get something more compatible? What should I be looking for? Obviously for drifting I want fast repsonse and not a lag monster, I am not chasing huge numbers from this build, reliability and good repsonse is the goal. ECU Motec M8 External Head drains I have heard really conflicted things about external head drains. Are they worth it and effective? I was looking at grabbing the Spool kit? And I will be running a catch can. Should I run an oil cooler? This is my first 25 build so be kind, I am only a grasshopper. Any valuable input appreciated.
  8. @Terry_GT-R34 That green is beautiful is that a oem colour by any chance?
  9. Hello! Hi, my name is Ellie 24 BNE Officially new to the forum, although I have browsed this site a few times for info Newbie GTR owner but have had a few gtst's in the past. Aspiring to become a half decent drifter although I haven't had anywhere near enough seat time. Currently completing my first serious build with the gtr which I'm incredibly excited about and lucky to have some experinced help with the 26. I spanner on my gtst but not the gtr. Hoping to meet some female enthusiast's, learn and show off my cars here. Iv'e got a weak spot for 33's as you can see, maybe cause they resemble more of a muscle car type which is where my car passion originated as a child. 33 GTR 33 GTST S2 black (new drift shell) 33 GTST S2 white (ex drift shell) 33 40th Anniversary GTST mnp (just sold to build 26 )
  10. http://www.sau.com.au/forums/profile/142115-elleskyline/?tab=node_gallery_gallery
  11. Hey I'm having similar issue's with my album, the images aren't displaying (well the old one's, any new one's I upload are fine) and do not seem to be able to delete the one's that are not displaying.
  12. Can push to 32k for right car
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