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  1. E-HCR32

    HiFlow RB20 01

    From the album: Bits

  2. Make sure you measure and email just jap to double check the size before you order.
  3. either go to a wreckers and get plugs from a r32 engine loom or use the plugs from your old sensors on new r32 O2 sensors, your can buy adapters from here... http://justjap.com/index.php/sri-oxygen-sensor-dump-pipe-adapter-sr20-rb26.html
  4. Thanks Stao, I will send you my turbo after Christmas. Kind Regards Graham.
  5. Hello Mr Tao SG, I have a automatic RB20DET skyline and need to have my turbo charger high flowed, could you please PM a quote. Would like an SS1 billet compressor, is this possible in stock housing? and how would it affect spool and top end output compared to the standard high-flow? Thanks Graham.
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