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  1. I have some bits that I kept even though I sold my M35 long ago. I'm moving overseas so I'm clearing it out and with the help I got on here, I thought I would list it cheap if anyone wants something. * Nulon Auto trans synthetic oil - 4L (unopened I think) - $20 * Oil 5w-40 shell Rotella T6 - 1GAL/3.785L (unopened) - $20 * Nissan Matic J oil - about 3L - $20 * 6x AL610 coilpacks from M35 (one of them might be stuffed, not sure) - $60 for the lot * Valvoline super dot4 brake fluid 500ml unopened - Free if you want it if you grab something else If you want the whole lot, I'll give it away for $100 Pickup Waterloo (NSW)
  2. http://psedog.com/cars/fsm/g35/sedan/2003/at.pdf Page 98-99
  3. All done, thanks everyone! Glad I did it myself, will go to bed less stupid than I was when I woke up
  4. Update : Found this on the other m35 stagea info forum Makes sense now how to get to the last 3 coils.
  5. Shoot me your address in PM, I'll get a pack of beers to your door mate
  6. Here is an album, please correct me if I'm wrong. Circled in red the part I think I should remove to access the coil Circled in blue the coil I think I can't get out without removing all the rest. http://imgur.com/a/emgwp
  7. Finally received the coil packs yesterday, Started changing it today, went quite well on the passenger side (remember, I've close to no mechanical experience). I don't know where to start on the driver side though because the middle coil is hardly accessible. Can someone tell me how to proceed ? On the bright side, I've started the car and it runs perfect so I got lucky, the faulty one was one of the first 3 I swapped
  8. Ordered those (same as yours I suppose) http://www.sparkplugs.co.uk/ngk-ignition-coil-u5123-48350?___SID=U
  9. Do you have a link for the oem coil packs / spark plugs? I'll change those and head over to m35stagea's place to give the car a scan. Thanks for the help!
  10. Ok, will do thanks! One more thing is that there is no lights on on the dash. No engine light nothing. Not sure if the diag will show something if engine light isn't even coming up
  11. M35 rough idle / shudder Hi, I've recenly had problems with the car and would like to know if it sounds familiar. Symtoms : - Rough idle : the car does not stall but you can definitely feel a shudder - Shudder also present when driving, especially around 2000-2500 rpm Coming from the engine 100%, it is less noticeable once the turbo kicks in but there is a slight power loss too. Problem has increased in intensity when I was driving it home. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great. Mechanical skills close to null, if someone around Sydney is keen to have a look at it, I'd obviously pay for your time, but I can of course try a few things on my end too. Cheers!
  12. Thanks mate. Seems like the motor came back to life but I'll save the link somewhere in case it dies for good!
  13. Still on the hunt, it's getting hot out there !
  14. WTB - M35 Front right window motor Hi, Trying my luck here, looking for a M35 driver side front window motor, mine is clicking and window is stuck closed which is unlucky with the hot days we just had here. Thanks!
  15. Mine also got the dipping mirrors when reversing, not a major option, but I find it quite nice!
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