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  1. Meldriftee

    Hi everyone. Just a friendly reminder that this is a pre-paid event and that we need your payment to confirm your attendance. If you are still wanting to attend and are yet to make payment, can you please do so via the PayPal link below by 8pm tonight as we need to confirm numbers to the restaurant. Thanks! members - non-members - If you are a member be sure to send your membership number as a reference.
  2. Meldriftee

    I accept the nomination for secretary whenever Robyn is ready to hand it over.... (sorry, i'm slowly learning how this stuff works)
  3. Meldriftee

    It starts at 7 according to the Facebook Event page
  4. Meldriftee

    I'm totally in!
  5. Meldriftee

    Thanks for a fun weekend guys! It was great to experience my first DECA and to meet you all. Hopefully next time i'll have my licence back and a car worth taking out on the track