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  1. I just have stock boost with 2stage boost disconnected. I cleaned he sensor pins and plus pins but same thing. I think I have tonreplace boost sensor.
  2. p1k4mp3

    Do you know what model they are?
  3. p1k4mp3

    Last pictures of my car.
  4. Hello all. Hope you're doing good. I have a little problem with my R34 GTT. suddenly, I have Engine Light on. I read the Ecu with Nissan Data Scan, and I have Error code 26, Boost pressure Sensor. When I accelerate the stock boost Gauge change How can I check if the sensor has a problem? Thanks a lot. I need to solve that to pass the MOT
  5. p1k4mp3

    yeah I know. Maybe I put some spacers, Why? Because the brand is... WORK
  6. p1k4mp3

    I received my car
  7. p1k4mp3

    On est pas beaucoup des Francophones dans ce Forum.
  8. p1k4mp3

    Welcome Ben. Show us your R33 GTST, R33 is my preferred model. Cheers from Suisse.
  9. Where didi yoi bought koito bi-led? It's really interesting. I need the full specs of those led projectors. Thabk a lot.
  10. Nice info mate. Opening the headlight it's not a problem. I can replace the d2s with the d5s directly? I would rather prefer having projectors that reflectors, because it's easy to convert to lhd pattern. Led projectors? Sounds nice. Do you have other infos about that?
  11. The morimoto mini h1 are direct replacement on the xenon headlight of R33? They are really strict. Or it is possible to have xenon or hid kit with maximum 2000lumens? I saw that there is hella projectors with magnetic leveling. Maybe its ok but I cannot find that.
  12. With this kit you can use full halogen or HID? Some other questions, I could preserve the Xenon Headlights, but i can't exceed 2000Lumen. Some one know how can I do that? What bulb use with stock Xenon headlights?
  13. Thanks a lot for all those infos. My problem is that I have to convert my headlights to LHD, and if I want to stay with Xenon Headlights, they must have headlight washers and auto/self leveling ajdustement.
  14. R33 Headlights questions Hello all. After a few minutes of search on the forum, I don't find some informations thath I need (or I don't used right keywords). My questions are: 1: What are differences between R33 headlights spec1, spec2 and spec3? what differences? they are all compatible on all r33? or the mounts change? 2: For the Xenon and Hid Headlight, the headlight level is automatic or manual electronic? (if you have high load on the trunk, it corrects the level automatically?) 3: For the Xenon, someone has the dimensions? (like that: https://hidkitpros.com/wp-content/up...dimensions.jpg Thanks a lot Greetings from Switzerland
  15. p1k4mp3

    The worst nightmare ever, Faded or yellow lights. haha