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  1. Myfirstturbo

    Have got a mechanic mate looking into it/doing it this week for me
  2. Myfirstturbo

    Yep it wasn't making boost
  3. Myfirstturbo

    hey guys sorry I haven't replied it turned out to be the turbo. So now I need a new one. Anyone got or know whom may have one? Also if going to buy a new turbo... which ones would you guys recommend? I don't have a lot of cash ATM. Seen some on eBay etc but a bit unsure
  4. Myfirstturbo

    Ok. What else should I test?
  5. Myfirstturbo

    Hey guys thanks for your help so far.... I Sussed the pipes out there all sealed. Upon revving it a bit noticed the turbo wasn't working properly and on he boost gauge it was building pressure backwards? Is the turbo fed
  6. Myfirstturbo

    Thanks guys I'll give this a shot and get back to you 😊👍
  7. Myfirstturbo

    And it's a 98 sorry 😐
  8. Myfirstturbo

    No real test. Yes it does run. Just not sucking air in...
  9. No air coming through induction 96 stagea Hey guys I don't know if my account is the same as the one I introduced myself on cause I think it logged in through Facebook... anyway wondering if anyone can help shed some light. I don't know much about cars and by much I mean f all really. But my Stagea (96 RS) isn't sucking air through the intake. Upon having a look I see the sensor thing in/on there. It looked fine, I checked the connection and it was clean. I don't even want to drive it to the mechanics cause when i was driving it and it started to happen it didn't feel good and no air is not good. I searched on here and saw about air mass sensor? Is this it? Broken? Thanks and here is a pic of her
  10. Myfirstturbo

  11. Myfirstturbo

    New here - adelaide Hey guys just found this forum looks sweet, but not as sweet as my new ride 😉 Jokes I got a 98 Stagea the other day, am loving it so far! Here to find info and maybe some Stagea mates for a cruise! Peace ✌️