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  1. Hi, im trying to find out if the rear diff in my 1990 skyline r32 gts-4 is abs or non-abs. Can someone tell me?
  2. Nomu

    I have another question. If i just replace the rear diff with a GTR diff that is different ratio and then remove the fuse for the AWD system, is it safe to drive my car until i can swap the front diff in?
  3. Nomu

    Yeah the gts4 has the 6 bolt setup, same as the GTR. The whole rear subframe is the same besides the shitty diff
  4. Hi guys, i'm here to find out if the front diff+sump of the r32 GTR will bolt straight onto my 1990 r32 gts-4 as well as the rear diff from the r32 GTR. My current rear diff has blown up due to running on no oil and I cannot not find one with the right ratio to replace it so im looking to swap out both for the 4.11:1 from the GTR. Thank you
  5. Nomu

    Would i encounter any problems if i only replace the rear diff with the gtr rear diff that has a different ratio?
  6. So I have recently bought a 1990 r32 skyline gts-4. Unfortunately, the person I bought the car from must have never put any diff oil in it, and i drove it for 3 hours home and the diff blew up. Im trying to find a diff to replace it with, but due to the rarity of the gts-4, im struggling to find one. I was wondering if any one could tell me what cars have the 4.3:1 ratio that i need and would also bolt straight on to the 6x1 bolt pattern since the other varients of the r32 would not work. Thanks