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  1. Nothing? ? I Have searched the forum looking for people with the same symptoms for this issue but nothing
  2. Managed to find myself in the seat of a factory GTT through some dumb luck and a swap of my GT needs some loving all over all which doesn't bother me, so firstly I'm looking for some help in regards to the a.c control unit, it - displays time but nothing else. & is contstanly changing -None of the buttons work, at all When I turn the temp dial I can hear the a.c control inside the dash doing it's thing, When I unplug/plug the battery a little red light flashes on the front dimister button then disappears. Cooked control unit or salvageable? Also can anyone point me in the direction to buying the right size globes for the triple gauge cluster (T6.5 wedge, green preferred)
  3. Have had a look over the forum, typing in keywords but no success, so now I'm posting up a thread. Long story short -1998 r34 coupe auto -all my electronics work inside and out of the vehicle except the gear selection panel in the dash, P,R,N,D,3,2 and the tiptronic light underneith showing current gear. (Car came like this) Blown bulbs? Blown fuse? Figure before I start taking things apart someone may have some insight.
  4. Thank you for the honest feedback fellas, just gonna run with the C.R as it is, not like it's running 13:1. I will however still look to change the exhaust cam out As I've seen the specs it's just gross.
  5. Yea look, im all about compression. Have +t swapped a couple NA cars without an issue....difference being they were like 1500$ shitboxes and didn't care if somthing went pop - I've just read some conflicting information alot of which on this site, most say don't do it at all, others say, do it but don't go over 10psi, and some have had good results.
  6. Yea, I'm know. But for the sake of reliability ect, I'm looking to go down this path. Will also be trying to source a GTT exhaust cam (or aftermarket if funds permit)
  7. Or to rephrase - I'm not prepared to have the car off the road for an extended period of time while I wait to have an engine built $$$
  8. Because I'm considering a DE+t conversion. But I'm not ready to strip the entire motor down to chuck in low comp forgies....
  9. Posting in this section as the engine is currently DE. Wondering if anyone has gone down the path of lowering comp by simply adding a slightly thicker HG. I can't seem to find info on ratios for different size HG's As I'm sure we all know - De -10.1 Det- 9.1 I'm looking to get close to that ratio and yes I know there are conflicted opinions on just whacking in a thicker gasket
  10. I agree with you 100% but to do this legally in my state (SA) I have to get it as close to GTT trim as possible firstly to pass inspection
  11. @Kinkstaah as a former workshop mechanic and tyre fitter, can confirm that 20k will in fact get you in the seat of some really fun cars, but for me it's more sentiment than anything, I genuinely enjoy the way these chassis' drive and handle
  12. I understand where you're coming from, in the sense that at the end of the day it will still be a GT no matter what I do to it. I'm not trying to pretend it will be somthing it just isn't. And as for converting it to a ford/Holden/wankel/jz just isn't even a thought in my head, it'll be a neoT/rb26 or i just wont do it. The whole point of this post is to see if people may consider it to be a financially realistic option given how rapidly these cars are jumping in price, but I've gotten the general vibe and now I'll just look to try put a few extra pennies away as quickly as possible before the inevitable happens, cheers 👍
  13. I appreciate the feedback, and everything that has been mentioned so far has been going through my head.....aside from swapping in an 8, that's just not gonna happen. As for the cost, I can get ahold of essientally a complete half cut GTT for roughly 5k minus the tailshaft and rear subframe/diff ect. And that's where I'm at an impasse.....I could probably get 12k for the GT as it sits....+5k for the half cut I have ready for the swap, adds up to 17k - Just shy of what's needed to buy a decent GTT and that's if there's any for sale at the time....there's becoming less and less for sale, the want adds are increasingly outweighing the for sale adds.
  14. Evening fellow R chassis enthusiests. I'm currently in a back and forth discussion with myself going further with my 34 gt coupe Overall the car is a genuine example of a clean, well maintained r34. Not show car spec by any means but presents and drives great. question is, given that prices are going throught the Roof (nearly tripled since i bought my first 34 GTT in 2015) and have no signs of stopping anytime soon..(US market bla bla bla)....would it be less frowned apon now to swap the drive train out for gtt spec? I just don't want to get caught out selling what I have now and not being able to purchase the better model because there is none for sale or because theyve slipped too far out my price range to quickly.. Sorry for the rant...just can't seem to make up my mind for myself
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