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  1. Microtech LT16 Was used for Dyno time only and then removed since customer received sponsorship from another ECU supplier. I then sent it to Microtech to wipe it clean, add data logging, 3 bar map sensor, X6 box and turbo timer and made to suit RB26. Comes with brand new wiring harness. Retail around $2,000. Taking offers around $1400. Have receipt for work carried out by Microtech. Will deliver anywhere in OZ. Ariel 0403279000
  2. Here is a good start for all your amperage and gas flow requirements. http://www.millerwelds.com/resources/calculators/tig_amperage_calculator.php 120ish amps on 3mm aluminium 15cfh and you should be fine the steel tig weld just looks too hot and you dipped/touched the tungsten halfway thru. Do you have a pedal or switch to control amps?
  3. Ohhh c'mon its not that far . It's Wollongong, not Melbourne lol
  4. ....so a bit like the r34 only event a few weeks ago
  5. but at least this one is still in business and hasn't f**ked anyone over
  6. So is now a good time to show some of my work Sucks to hear of so many people being ripped. Being in the fab business, it definitely isn't easy to make a good quality product and there aren't many people out there that take there that are prepared to spend the money for a quality job and even less which take the time, pride and care to do so and that is why so many people come and go. Unfortunately people have to learn from others mistakes, but it will happen again because people forget in a few years and then someone else comes along and does the same thing....it happens since there is a constant supply of willing customers coming into the scene, innocent first timers, thinking they can build a car from behind a keyboard.
  7. I just hope it has nothing to do with the car not performing or engine being in pieces, fingers crossed....best of luck Bobby
  8. Was initially in a tt lsx powered car for 2 dyno sessions. Tuner then became a Haltech distributor hence the computer change, no other reason. Was reconfigured to suit rb26 with invoice receipts to back it up. No longer for sale - please delete
  9. FS: Microtech LT16 to suit RB26 with brand new harness, 3 bar map sensor & ECU logging. Also comes with X6 ignitor box and new harness. Purchased computer alone 2nd hand and I have receipts for everything for Microtech which confirm the specs and configurations. Was used in car for 2 dyno sessions, which can be confirmed by reputable previous workshop owner/tuner. This setup brand new is approx $1700, I am chasing $1300 ono including delivery anywhere in Oz. Thanks, Ariel Call/sms 0403279000
  10. I would love to see a pic of these cracks away from a weld. This would indicate a problem with the material which would be VERY VERY strange. Of the manifolds I have repaired/modified, the cracks have ALWAYS been on the edge of the weld or in the middle of it due to some of the gaps these chinese guys try to fill in PS im paying $160 per G bottle from Supagas
  11. Pleasure speaking to you today Steve. Make sure you send through that email
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