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  1. Hi guys, if you've got either - please let me know!
  2. read here : http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/386688-gt2860-oil-restrictor/?view=findpost&p=6169945
  3. .....Wow that is big mph for that power is it not? Congrats Paul - awesome figures mate, can't wait to see what she'll do. You'll need that diff !
  4. Glad to hear there is some progress now Paul.. I need some motivation to get back onto mine. Looking forward to seeing this over the next coupla weeks mate!
  5. wow. good enough for me - I know my mind is made up now. Thanks for posting.
  6. haha! you're a jerk you know that?! (good call - I would do the same....)
  7. Did you say you 'balanced' the Ross Damper? I don't think you should have to - it should be balanced from factory. Also - if you can feel very noticeable vibration - even free revving, then I wonder if you haven't got something more serious going on. FWIW, I couldn't 'feel' anything wrong with my engine - it just kept blowing power steering belts off (and now the cambelt) Sure will be interesting though if a stock balancer fixes it.
  8. sounds like a clever install that's all. might save someone going to the lengths I have?
  9. yes same, running Autronic disc inside the CAS. hmm.. trigger wheel on the front side of the timing gear? Interesting - got any pics?
  10. Hi Brad, We're using the CAS for sync - so don't require a missing tooth.
  11. Trigger wheel done - 24 teeth. I have a couple of spares of these if anyone wants one down the track. Great job done by the guys at Highspeed.
  12. Yeah which then turns into a "how fat are you - and was the tank full?" .....its why when I'm serious I always let my girlfriend drive... half a second right there.
  13. And lets not forget.. Driver could be anywhere from 70kg through to 120kg.. Tanks of fuel or empty changes things by another possible 50kg.. (not disagreeing with you by the way - just pointing out even this has a bearing on it)
  14. haha.. just make sure you put all the E85 in the tank............ no 'little umbrellas'
  15. ..mate I don't know if you're sending the right message to all the young people out there...
  16. Yeah get yer clamp meter out Paul... or stud finder.. or something...
  17. Is that not more likely coils then? What coils were you driving with the 500r?
  18. Sounds good Paul! Looking forward to the end result! What did you end up doing for the other -5 ?
  19. Last time I had that problem I was in a lot of trouble with her father....
  20. maybe the noise the oil trying to get the F out of there!
  21. ..............and cue - Roy - <enters stage left>
  22. Yep. That is exactly my intent. Shouldn't be very hard at all.
  23. Don't take the shine of my day by asking a question like that mate....! ($850 - inc post, and including the Oversize Water Pump Pulley - essentially this is model #917753) Obviouly its going to cost me for the CNC Trigger wheel as well - so all up not cheap, but custom one off never is I guess.
  24. Just in case anyone is interested, I've had ATI make me a custom balancer with provision for adding a chopper wheel to the back of it. Gives me the flexibility to configure diameter and number of teeth/configuration etc. I have tech drawings too if anyone needs one. Going to go and have a chopper wheel CNC'd to suit and I'll post that up later when its done. Below I've shown the back of my original 1000hp ATI balancer, and then the back of the new one. You can see I've simply had them add material back and provide six threaded holes.
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