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  1. Lost both my thermo fans, one spat a blade which broke the brackets and it smashed into the other one causing the power cables to beak. Only managed to to get it fixed after 4pm so I drove home while it was still light in case it stuffed out again, which it did. Plus I cooked my clutch
  2. Is there an award for the least runs done award? I did 2 passes
  3. Sucks to be you Andy, hope you have a good day though. We have to go camping one day soon.
  4. Why hasn't the filthy commo bogan paid, is he coming?
  5. Even I am taking the purple snot rocket down the track Andy, you should still at least come out and watch. Watch the Skylines get annihilated, by Z cars and V8s..... Not by purple Silvias though
  6. So what time are you all predicting? Let see who will get closest to their predicted time. I am saying 14.2 for myself.
  7. I have a series 2 Land rover with a Holden 186 in it, that I am currently modifying. It has extractors that I have had to modify to make them fit so it would be a little bit of a pain at the start but its all pretty accessible as there is no panels on it. 2" mild steel system. Let us know if this is something you do?
  8. Get a Room CNuts. I just paid for another vehicle. So that's me and 3 cars in total, now all it has to do is not effing rain.
  9. Or an exhaust for my 1960 Land Rover?
  10. So do you guys have enough room for myself and 2 other cars? I would hate to rain on your boost parade by inviting some NA powered muscle The abomination will need to be punished.
  11. No, last year my mate brought his torana and got second fastest for the day, only behind an R35GTR. did a 12.2 he has since done an 11.82.
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