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  1. destrukshn

    Only front pipe left . Kakimoto brand $150!
  2. destrukshn

    Manifold $550, Front Pipe $250
  3. destrukshn

    Sard 1000cc injectors sold. Just front pipe and tomei manifold left for sale!
  4. destrukshn

    Sorry for the late reply guys! Shamir - yes I can send them to NZ at your cost Blue thirty four - I’ll take a picture for you this afternoon Dump pipes have sold.
  5. Hi All Sard 1000cc injectors $250 Tomei Expreme Exhaust Manifold $700 Tomei Expreme Dump Pipe Set $600 Kakimoto 3.5” Dump Pipe $300 modified for RB30/26 - can probably bring back to exhaust company to remodify Selling as I’ve upgraded to single. Everything works fine with no leaks.
  6. Hi All, Looking to sell my haltech platinum pro plus expander for $1500 ono It’s in excellent condition and still in car at the moment at powertune Australia Cheers Gordon
  7. PM Sent - Happy to take it at that price! PM your details and i'll send you a deposit
  8. destrukshn

    Fans/Shroud & Greddy Air Diversion Plate are sold Tomei ornament plate still available, any offers?
  9. Hi All, I have the follow for sale in Sydney. SPAL Thermo Fans with custom fan shroud- $350 (Cost $220per fan) Greddy Air Diversion Plate - $50 Tomei Ornament Plate $50
  10. destrukshn

    Fair enough, i am running a 3.0 and the power is made on a chassis dyno. I have upgraded actuators too
  11. destrukshn

    Also, if you are having a spark blow out? are you still using standard coilpacks? I had the same problem using standard coilpacks and then i switched to splitfires and it solved the problem
  12. destrukshn

    270/270 10.8 Procams I might go the ID2000s and wind up the boost a bit more to see what I can push out of the setup! See if i can push these babies past 500awkw!!!
  13. destrukshn

    im running similar setup as what you mentioned above, different set of cams and cylinder head ported quite heavily. HKS GT-RS (-10s) turbo and ran 472awkw @ 30psi using only E62. Definitely could have easily pushed for 500+ awkw but my 1000cc injectors maxed out . All of this was with my airbox still connected and not opened! Would be interesting to see what it would be able to do with ID2000s