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  1. R34 GTR Transfer case For sale is my brand new , never fitted, still in its crate, R34 GTR transfer case, imported from Nissan Japan. My project plans have changed so I no longer have use for it. PM for photos if interested. Pick up or assist with delivery within greater Sydney, or ship at buyers expense. $4000 obo Paid over $4700 for it. Cheers. Rob
  2. 150mm Trust GReddy intercooler For Sale is my brand new, still in its box, never fitted, 150mm, dual entry, MASSIVE intercooler, found on most 6 and 7s GTRs out there. As I am currently using W2A cooler instead, I have no use for this item. ‘It comes in its original packaging with all documentation that come with it. PM me for photos. Pick up or assistance with delivery provided within greater Sydney, or shipping at buyers expense. $4000 firm. I’ve paid $4500 for it so 4K is best I can do. Cheers Rob
  3. Thanks Mathew, mate, much appreciated. Cheers Rob.
  4. Hi there mate, I ordered a shirt with the membership renewal, card received but no shirt. Cheers Rob
  5. Hi there. Online form completed and paid for the membership renewal. Best regards. Rob Star32
  6. WTB: R34 GTR Transfer Case. As per the title, interested in finding an R34 gtr transfer case, Not interested in the whole gearbox combo. PM me with any info. Regards.
  7. I used CEVA, the towie dropped the car off of the towtruck and smashed the front end and pancaked the exhaust. Thats the service you get when you go with the most expensive.
  8. G'day mate, I am in Hong Kong as well, with JDM , stopped trying to do what you are attempting to do, long time ago. There is no cure, no help from Nissan at all and as previous posts state, much cheaper and faster to learn Japanese than do a conversion like this. Do keep us updated on any success. Cheers
  9. Sorry guys, too busy, no time to update status. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  10. Hi Jarrod, The clutch same amount, brand new, installed with the gearbox. Box is in Sydney. I am in Hong Kong for the next 3 weeks, hard to get pics. Box looks new as what you might see on internet photos of new Holinger boxes.
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