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  1. hey there kiras... here r a great suggestion 4 u these r the rims that i had put on my car, they r not jap but r jap style, what do u think... very simple but gets the message accross!
  2. hey there drmafia like these 1's i have 6 of them with brand new rubber 4 sale
  3. hey anna i have a set of 6 wheels and coilovers that r off my car that i am selling here is a pic of the settings of my 19" wheels and tien coilovers
  4. dino77

    Dinno's ride... "ebony"

    this how we ride round my hood
  5. dino77


    big beautiful and black my princess...
  6. hey james... Dinno here i'll c u guyz at the eastern creek truck stop,
  7. item: black r34 Age: 2000 Condition: immaculate Price: $18000 To Fit: (What car) i also have the wheels and coil overs that i have taken off the car and am going 2 sell seperatly... i have 6 wheels with brand new rubber Location: Kellyville Contact: Dinno 0425313828 Comments:
  8. i have 6 great lookin 19 x 8 's 4 ya if u wear interested
  9. can i send it 2 your mobile coz i only have the pics on my phone...
  10. Item: Tien HA coil overs and set of 6 Koya Inox 1's Age: 2 yrs Condition: immaculate near new Price: $1250 coilovers and $2500 wheels To Fit: Nissan Skyline R34 Location: Dharruk Contact: Dinno Comments: both sets r immaculate and r negotiable 2 the prospective buyer pleez feel free 2 pm me or call me on 0425 313 828
  11. dino77

    N/a Cars

    how r u Eth4n i am currently selling my r34 2000 model if u were keen and interested pleez feel free 2 send me a message if u wanted sum info
  12. hey buddy, my friend owns the quakers hill wheel and tyre that used 2 be tyre power, i can hook u up with his dad if it helps...
  13. hi shell i am totally new 2 this and am not 2 sure if i was welcome 2 come 2 the forums... i am pretty sure that i am a member...
  14. hi guys, 4 those that were there on the nite, nice 2 meet u all u will have 2 refresh my memory on the next 1... but 4 sure u can count me in...
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