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  1. Is this the Zama museum? I didn't think it was open to the public. Do you have a friend who works at Nissan?
  2. Awesome! I can see them all now. Thanks Christian. I realise you must have a whole tonne of stuff to go through and this would be a minor issue in the scheme of things so I am especially grateful you fixed it... and immediately after I bought it up. You sir, are a legend
  3. In regards to likes being anonymous. It is that way for all of them for me. It always says someone or the number of likes but I can never see who.
  4. Toyota Megaweb, mostly different cars to the last time I was there...
  5. Congratulations on your car purchase! It has had an enormous amount of work done to it. As you can see every one of the hundred or so line items in the records is a part that has been repaired or replaced. Good luck with the car!
  6. Wow amazing line up. Thanks for posting!
  7. That sucks, thanks for the info though. I PMed you too.
  8. Awesome pics and cars. Thanks for posting. Can you get to Tatsumi PA by bicycle? I tried Shibaura near the Rainbow Bridge but had no luck.
  9. Continues to impress, great work!
  10. Yes, it is fine for anyone to post internationally and you don't even need to show ID. They are strict on the contents though so don't try to send anything you shouldn't. I couldn't send a tablet PC because of the battery inside.
  11. Are there any auction houses that let people other than licensed dealers bid? I haven't heard of any but would love to find one .
  12. If you own and use the car for a year in Japan you can import it as a personal import which is cheaper and less hassle. Here are some midnight purple R33 GTRs - they are all dealers. One is in Saitama which is next to Tokyo and there are others in Honshu too. Most of them are $10k - 20k. Edit: the one in Saitama is the red one. http://www.carsensor.net/usedcar/search.php?STID=CS210610&CARC=NI_S054&YMIN=1995&YMAX=1998&CL=PU
  13. A friend saw this band live and loved it. I didn't think much of them when I first watched youtube vids but after listening to an album I see why she loves the music now.
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