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  1. not good - 66yostagea, 17yostagea?
  2. Spotted white s2 near the bundy rum factory today
  3. bit dusty but will clean up pretty good
  4. also I regularly see a black r32 in the beauy council car park
  5. an r33 drove past my place at gleneagle (near beaudesert) last night looking at christmas lights. I don't know what colour but it sounded great
  6. Rotors are the standard r33 gtr brembos Rears: 300mm Fronts: 324mm Dash mat SOLD Boost controller SOLD Oil cap SOLD Console tray SOLD Coil packs SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Silicon Radiator Hoses SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Woodgrain center console & stereo surround SOLD PENDING PAYMENT
  7. the cat back exhaust fit a manual? if it does i'll take it
  8. BigBoyDan

    New Member

    hello and welcome back
  9. Hard to tell without looking closer but: http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/nissan-stagea-2000-13215169?base=&vertical=Car&cr=12&page=2&eapi=2&__N=4294963846+1216+4294960181+903&num=15&silo=Stock&sort=default
  10. had the 100k service = fake kms i would say its been in an accident too, if you get it checked out professionally with warranty could be ok, still a little expensive edit - the passenger head light looks fogged up also
  11. Gday, All prices negotiable. Pick up preferred from Beaudesert Qld, but willing to post if needed. All parts are used and from c34 s1, s2 and 260rs. I work long hours so don't expect an instant reply but I'll do my best. Thanks for looking. $100 - Dash mat $100 - Complete genuine floor mat, drivers worn. $150 $100 $20 - For rb25det - not direct fit though $5 $20 - S1 woodgrain $10 $150 $100 - HICAS lock $20 $20 $150 - Brembo rotors (machine recommended), nismo rear/ compliance front pads with decent meat $10 $20 - Top and bottom rad hoses. red silicon (photo is bad) off an rb26 prob fit rb25? $50 - rb26, where running 360+ hp fine when removed $50 - Walbro gss 342, only used for 5000km $5 $5 $20 $20 $5 - hks oil filler cap $100
  12. BigBoyDan

    Ebay Finds

    C34 boot liner http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Boot-Liner-Nissan-Stagea-Turbo-C34-Genuine-/261131620928
  13. Hard to know without a vid but I got what your describing after I put in a secondhand replacement viscous clutch
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