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  1. Still available. Please PM me if you'd like to make an offer.
  2. Selling due to getting work vehicle. Imported by Heartbeat Cars in Sydney last year then brought over to Adelaide. - Second owner (First in Australia) - Excellent condition inside and out - Regularly serviced - 56,000kms - Full leather interior with heated front seats - Bose Sound System - Sunroof - Front and Rear Parking Sensors - Reversing and Side Mirror Cameras - Full service history and import papers available Looking for $16,000 ono
  3. Hi, Some sad news..my touchscreen got recently scratched. It’s quite minor, just scratched whereabouts the aircon temp shows (v36 owners will know whereabouts). Just wondering if anyone has any experiences in removing or making scratches less obvious to touchscreen displays? The screen is plastic and has a matte finish. I’ve just bought some anti-glare screen protectors to avoid further issues later on. Thanks
  4. Thanks for that. After doing a bit of research, I think I need to look at getting the following parts (As I want both front/rear sensors) The image shows all the required parts needed, but I believe the part numbers I have noted with a star include several of the sub-parts.
  5. So I called the dealer thats selling this car and they advised its a non genuine part, but they couldn't provide me with any info on the make or model number of it. Would you have any info on this?
  6. Parking Sensor Recommendations Hi, Looking at getting some parking sensors installed on my V36, first of all are there genuine Nissan ones available to purchase? If not, does anyone know of a particular make that looks almost OEM? I saw a V36 listed on CarSales with the following sensor display, unsure if its from manufacturer though. Thanks, Jacob
  7. Yeah battery is definitely in the correct way. In terms of cleaning it, it seems like it's fine.. It's ridiculous how expensive they are..
  8. Hi, The other day I noticed that I couldn't lock my car with my key, after a few attempts it decided to lock and I didn't think much of it. When I got home it stopped working completely, luckily I had a spare smart key. I figured that it needed a new battery , after replacing it today it still doesn't work. Is my other key stuffed, can you get them fixed? Thanks
  9. You can change the offset, but it must go off the GPS . At best it's an hour behind, so really it can only be used when its not daylight savings time
  10. So the only time I will be able to use the clock is when its not daylight savings time
  11. Hopefully an easy one, I've attempted to change the time in my V36 however have been unsuccessful. I have followed: www.skyline-gt.com/filedump/v36-translation2.pdf but from what I have seen on the screen, only the gmt offset can be changed, changing it to 12 hr, or 24 hr view and turning off the clock entirely Does anyone know how to change the time? Cheers
  12. FS: Various R34 Parts/Interior - NEEDS TO GOUp for sale are parts from my car that is now sold. - Everything needs to go! Front Seats: $600 for the pair ono - In really good condition, just needs a little bit of a clean - No rips, marks to seats - Postage at buyers expense Side mount Intercooler: $250 ono - In good overall condition - Postage at buyers expense Airbox: $120 ono - In good overall condition - Postage at buyers expense Stock gauges: $120 ono - All gauges are in working condition - Comes with gauge surround as shown - Paint is faded, requires a light sanding and respray perhaps - Postage at buyers expense R34 GTR Wheel Cap: $60 ono - Geniune Nissan Product - Brand new - Postage at buyers expense
  13. Maybe I'll add more information to my question... I'm looking at importing a V36, are the bose speakers sound quality a major improvement over the factory system to the point where it might be worthwhile to wait for a model with it fitted?
  14. Differences between factory and Bose speakers? Hi, Is there major sound differences between the factory speaker sound compared to the Bose system on the V36 PV36 models? Thanks,
  15. FS: OEM R34 GTR Wheel Cap For Sale: 1 x Brand new OEM Nissan R34 GTR Wheel Cap $80 ono - Free postage within Oz - Payment via Paypal only
  16. For Sale: Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T Back Story: - Imported in 2010 through Skyline City Imports this car has been carefully looked after and is still in the same condition as when I bought it - All paper work regarding its import as well as the export papers from Japan are available upon request - Prior to importing this vehicle it was owned by 1 owner in Japan - It has been serviced at regular intervals and has only run on BP Ultimate 98 - When I received the car it had done 92,xxx kms, currently it has just ticked over 100,xxx kms and had its major service completed last year - This car has only been driven with care and has never been thrashed, for this reason it has never given me any problems and is in fantastic condition mechanically and physically for its age - Unfortunately due to my work and day to day activities this excellent car is no longer suitable for my needs and I would rather see it go to someone that can appreciate and enjoy the car than let it sit at home Modifications: When I received the Skyline it had minor modifications which consisted of: - An aftermarket exhaust system - TIEN coil overs I have continued this trend and only added a few additional items to ensure that the R34 remains in excellent condition I have added the following modifications: - Cooling-Pro Stealth Series front-mount intercooler to replace stock Nissan side-mount intercooler - K&N POD filter to replace stock Nissan air box filter - Shift Kit modification on transmission installed by MV Automatics Additional Extras: Aside from the modifications listed, I have added a number of extras onto my Skyline, all of which has been installed professionally. - Complete Alpine Type-X sound system with Alpine Double-Din display and reversing camera - BRIDE Low Max racing seats for both driver and front passenger - RAZO gear shifter and pedals - Re-upholstered leather steering wheel and dash - Defi gauges and gauge holder to replace Nissan stock gauges - 2001 Nissan Skyline GTR wheels with TOYO tyres (excellent tread) - Mongoose Immobiliser and Alarm System - 1999 Nissan Stagea Fog lights with programmed on/off switch - Auto-Platonium HID Xenon headlights Price: This is arguably one of the cleanest R34 skylines that I know of, as mentioned it has never been driven hard and has been carefully looked after. Along with the modifications and extras that have been installed in the car I am looking at $15,000 o.n.o
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