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  1. Also FYI not all MNP 40th's had MR bodykits as stock standard factory options. Out of over 65,000 RB25DET's build from Series 1-2.5 only 178 came out with Factory LP2 Midnight Purple. ALL the MNP's were 40th Anniversary Series 2.5 only. 135 Manual 43 Automatic So my car is 1 of 43 only ever released. I consider that "rare" & been told this. I'll be selling mine soon while she's a low km stock car. I don't really want to sell but I need to pay bills. For more information you can see here on the gtr website registry. The 40th Anniversary's were even rarer than MNP GTR's. They made almost 1,000 MNP S1 GTR's! Gtr Registry Website Link Below:
  2. Price well, Its all just a matter of opinion really. [emoji846]
  3. I also have a 97 S2.5 genuine LP2 Midnight Purple R33 GTST 40th Anniversary Coupe. Imported 3yrs ago with 96,400kms, now has just touched 100,000kms. Absolutely stock, inc cassette player , nissan cd stacker, oem exhaust, oem everything in mint condition. Engine is absolutely stock, interior is mint. Stock automatic which has punch, so don't diss the auto's cause they are great. Only mods are 18" rims. With import papers, import approval documents etc. Insured for just over $20k+. I might sell for the right price as Ive just bought an S1 MNP GTR. [emoji846] I doubt you'd find any mint 40th Annoversary GTST's come up for auction/import so prices are just going up. Insuring both is expensive to say the least.
  4. Final Price Drop $11,300 with RWC & Rego til Oct 2018. OR Can negotiate a lower CASH price without RWC or Rego. Note: The car passed a RWC in mid-October but has ran out so won't be paying another $180 until a serious buyer turns up.
  5. Further to this I highly recommend the guys down at Racepace Motorsport in Bayswater. [emoji298]️[emoji298]️ As soon as I took my car here they diagnosed & fixed everything properly , professionally. It was a relief to finally find a workshop that really knows GTST's & GTR's in/out. Can't thank them enough for their help.[emoji41] Also have found out that the 40th Anniversary model s did come with R34 CAS's so I'm on the assumption my engine is the original motor. [emoji469]
  6. FINALLY Racepace found the issue with my car today. After I drove off with it, it faulted on the way home so i drove it back to them faulting. They found the problem in about 10mins. Looks like my A/C is ON even when its turned OFF = pipes freezing = A/C compressor making noises. As soon as you remove the AC fuse the noise stopped, so they've unplugged the AC plug above the Compressor for now until we can find the wiring fault. My car had an entire loom replaced so they think its wiring or a wrong pin connector. Also they found that it has an R34 CAS fitted so theyre wondering if my car engine is a Neo with R34 camshafts also....Its a 40th Anniversary 11/1997 build date so not sure if this model came out with some R34 bits?? Im the 1st Aussie owner so it arrived to me like this with auction paperwork matching 94,500kms...
  7. The current clutch is the Davies Craig but I actually wanted OEM Nissan but this Davies one is locked ON 24/7 which is cool if you wanna keep it cool BUT as soon as you floor it, so does the clutch fan and its louder than the turbo its sucking that much air. Changing to OEM Nissan Fan clutch. I didnt spray the belts , that'd just make the belts slip, I just sprayed a bit on each of the 3 the pullys (PS, AC & tensioner under PS&AC)where the bearings are only. The car has been sitting around for a year so maybe it just needed a little lubricant to get it moving more freely...havent touched it since. Cars getting retested post clutch fan change over etc. The Davies one is loud but it def cools the hell outta the car but everytime you want power you get the fan kicking in just as hard to tje point of annoyance.
  8. Update: I sprayed all 3 pullys with WD40 as advised by a few R33 owner buddies and when I took the car to the mechanic the bloody thing wouldnt fault! Hahaha I was diving up/down the M3 for at least a good hour giving her stick but zero fault which is always the way when you want it to it never does...[emoji849] We've found out the new engine clutch fan is ON all the time atm so getting that rectified and getting an OEM one fitted which is what I asked for but obviously didnt get.[emoji20] Also getting a new PS belt put on then the cars gonna be re-tested later this coming week. TBC
  9. My mechanic put the fuild in so not sure which brand he used. Theres more than one issue going on apart from the power steering pump being loud. It seems to be stuck on a higher rev when the fault occurs or you can hear it revving higher and as mentioned it stops when i turn the car off/on again. It maybe something not cooling the ps fluid enough under high revs, it might be something is blocked ... Its going to the Nissan tuning specialist this week for a week to try to narrow down the exact cause. I can drive around locally with zero issues its only when im out on the freeway at 80-120kms p/hr after about 30mins when the winding noise starts. When the fault originally started with the old pump I could hit the accelerator pedal to rev it and it would go away but eventually that didnt help. She warms up ok at 1000rpm then down to 800rpm when warm. Oil cooler temp when warming up is on tab up from 4 but then lowers to halfway but does fluctuate under stick. Car temp is fine especially now we have a new clutch fan installed. Note: The noise was happening pre-new clutch fan. Below is a photo of cold vs warm on the dash when normal. It could be a million things. Hence dropping it off to Nissan specialists this week. Not a dealer, a reputable tuning/build mechanic that deals in JDM only cars. Will post later this week a photo of the tacho when the fault occurs cause I need it to fault before i get to the mechanics on the day i drop it off.
  10. That was the next port of call. My mechanic was gonna have for a few days to go through every hose/clamp. Are there any small filters in any of the hoses? I can't get it in til 23rd Nov so might take her up to the power steering joint this afternoon and get them to do a once over cause I figure they can spot power steering faults quicker. And if it aint the power steering then we can move onto other causes. Its definately lacking flow when hot and under speed 80-100kms after a good 30min run on the freeway. Got it on the M3 here at Hoddle St and by the time I got to Ringwood exit on the way back she started making the noise. The current reco pump was ok for 3 weeks but same issue came back so reluctant to install another pump until we figure out the cause.... Maybe its a tensioner or could even be the a/c too as its on that same size.
  11. Does the R33 Series 2 GTST turbo run a power steering cooling system? Its got the HICAS system. Im thinking maybe its not cooling correctly OR Only other idea is that its being blocked from fluid running somewhere at high speed. Or it maybe revving too high at 80-100kms We've bled the system numerous times, cleaned the reservoir out, its not cavetating, no air bubbles, no heavy steering, car isnt over heating. Starts up from cold ok at 1000rpm then once warm drops to approx 800rpm. Been through two power steering pumps with BOTH having exactly same fault. Current one was ok for 3 weeks then started making the noises again.... The issue only happens out on the freeway doing 80-100kms per hr after at least 30-45mins.... Im trying to get it into a nissan workshop now OR maybe taking it up to the power steering joint cause Im outta ideas.
  12. Price Drop $12,000 Rego til October 2018 Plus current VIC Roadworthy certificate Plus brand new Vialia Gas Converter just fitted ($918) as of 2/11/2017. PM for details
  13. Heres a few original pics of the car on stock R34 rims. Build Date: 11/1997 ECR33-133971 1997 Series 2.5 R33 GTST Turbo Coupe Automatic LP2 Midnight Purple Originally registered here with 96,400kms, currently has 99,000kms now approx. Zero modifications upon arrival. Only mods to date are updated 18" rims.