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  1. OEM Nissan on water pump, timing belt , idler bearings, belts, I always use OEM Nissan. They cost more but worth it for the vital servicable parts. Garunteed fitment , insurance if anything goes wrong. As soon as you fit non-nissan parts goodluck claiming if they fail.
  2. You'd need to get permission from the realestate to do it. I work at a concrete formwork company. There is a clear sealer you can checkout that is oil repellant but it costs a mint that might help, check the tds. Colortec Max /Colorfresh Intensive but its expensive approx $2-300 ex gst. for 5litres. If its a rental you'd proably want something on top of it also cause the realestates love taking rentals to the cleaners at the end of leases. We just got brunted with dealing with having to clean a place that had a condition report 10+ years old! Theyre ruthless. So make sure you get permission if your gonna paint anything.
  3. Hi Decided to sell off my newly powder-coated rims to help fund towards my 1st GTR R33. Freshly powder-coated gloss white with Nismo Style centre caps. 18x7.5 Front 18x8.5 Rear PCD 5x114.3. Perfect R33 Skyline fitment (These came of another R33 SII Coupe GTST and were black originally but got them powder-coated White) $1100 ono open to reasonable offers CASH preferred Really nice Deep Dish would look great on a Silver, White or Midnight Purple R33. Pm if interested Local pick up or I can drop off Melbourne area if serious Will post more bits for sale soon. Got a heap of S2 R33 interior parts, headlights, rear strut brace, double ups from my rebuild left over.
  4. Agreed with Adam[emoji1303] Same goes with timing belt , bearing OEM used on my car works a treat. Pay more knowing it will fit/work.
  5. Hi Ive just purchased an oem GTR rear wing for my gtst s2. Its in need for a bit of restoration. Needs the rear brake light... Are these available to buy/source still? And rear base corner has damage but not sure if it is important when fitting? Photos attached There seems to be 3 fixing points already on the base and 1-2 on each side near the rear at sides. Just need to know if the damage is worth fixing or not. And if I can source a light?
  6. vic 

    hope you made it out ok mate, looks intense.
  7. RACV for example said to me that they only quote repairs based on using Brand New parts, not spare parts because they offer a guarantee on repairs done. My point being, brand new OEM Nissan parts for an R33 are darn expensive. E.G. a set of OEM airbags a cool $6,500, Headlights around $1,400 a pair, Rad Support $500, etc etc. So it doesn't take much for them to write your R33 off as an economical write off. Obviously if the cars structurally compromised they will deem it a statutory write off regardless of the repair cost and they don't let you buy the car back at all, they send it to Pickles and you can bid for your wreck , if a statutory write off will never be able to re-register the car. They definitely factor in the wreck price. All complicated and each insurer has different rules, excess's .
  8. RACV's assessor told me this information. He said if it costs the insurance company more than approx figure of 70% of the cars total worth they can write the car off as an Economical Write Off and payout.
  9. I just signed both my cars up with Shannons. Laid Up Insurance on my R33 whilst she's being rebuilt and Full Comp on my Ford BF Wagon. Good value, good insured amounts, better than RACV. RACV are quick to payout but also quick to write your car off as they only quote on repairing your car with brand new parts so if its an import they'll write it off pretty quick as economical. eg A new set of airbags on an S2 Skyline new will set you back $7,000 and the insurance company will write the car off if damage is 70% or more of its worth. I got to buy my car back with RACV but the premiums are ridiculously expensive.
  10. I spent a year in Norway and saw some great bands. Google on YouTube. Hurra Torpedo Black Debbath The Cumshots Turboneger Enslaved Wardruna Gorgoroth
  11. If my car is finished by then could be a good first outing.
  12. Parts Found! All sorted.
  13. I'm having a dilemma. I've got 2 broken S2 Grills and another S2 Nismo style. 3 OEM parts in total. 1. Smashed up unrepairable 2. 90% but broken brackets on LHS 3. I have another S2 Grill but it wasn't the one bought out on my 40th Anniversary model so may use if I can't find a replacement tomorrow. Based in Melbourne's Nth, available to collect tomorrow. Nissan part number on two damaged ones : 62310 27U00 Nissan part number on the Nismo Style one is: F2310-26U00 I've added a photo of my car to show the type of grill required PM me if you have one...