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  1. yeah thanks but im going to go new this time the last one was outta of another car of mine and didnt last even with plenty of meat
  2. hey guys unfortunatly i my clutch is now slipping after a hard time at the drags last night. at the moment im only running a 5 puk sprung button but a cheapy. im only running 250rwkw however i will be aiming for 300rwkw+ in the near future. the car is not a daily and when driven gets given a hard time. i cant afford a twin plate so dont suggest one of these. also will i be best off changing flywheels or just getting my standard flywheel machined?
  3. found the leak thanks guys one of the rear housing bolts to the box was a little loose and was leaking and the leak towards the front is actually my exhaust side cam cover leaking down the back of the motor
  4. yeah ill do that when i get time just wanted a heads up what to look for before i did just looked under again and now there is 2 50cent size puddles one at each end
  5. hey guys i looked under the car today ( have not driven it for about 6 months) and noticed a 50cent size oil patch on ground just under the bell housing however when you look to the back of the box near the drain plug yu can see where oil is about to drip but it also seems to be going to the back of the box also but not dripping onto ground. i cant seem to find where it is exactly coming from and it is deceiving. is this a common problem could the drain plug just be leaking as it is still tight. or is it something more serious like rear seal or input shaft seal
  6. the thing is its going to be a daily aswell so dont have to much time to muck around with a engine conversion
  7. yeah i want a diesel for the mud/water reasons as you go to deep in water with a petrol she dies as with diesel you dont have the issue. im passing on it as im going to find one with a td42
  8. cheers for the heads up only reason i was looking at it was because it needs a new head and he wants bugger all for it
  9. hey didnt know where to post this so i gathered here was the right spot. im looking at buying a GQ patrol diesel. i have searched the 4x4 forums with no luck. however my question is how good/ reliable is the nissan RD28 turbo diesel and is it good offroad etc.
  10. speak to mik at ovaboost he may be able to help
  11. talk to the boys on calaisturbo your best bet tho is a aftermarket turbo no point doing a 25/30 and using a stock turbo waste of time in my eyes
  12. a rb30 series 2 block is what they call a A8 block or if you dont know what that is its a block with the oil feed and oil return and coolant feed etc for the turbo which are just blocked off with bungs. they were used in the late VL commodores i guess holden just wanted to move on the turbo blocks so people call them a series 2 block
  13. cheers gtscott i missed it also ill have to wait for e85 over here in wait awhile (wa)
  14. im keen on finding out about a t67 on rb25det with 98 pump fuel as here in wait awhile we dont have e85 yet. and i really cannot be bothered ordering and running the risk of running out of fuel somewhere unless simon has a better idea on how to get around this little problem haha
  15. yeah defently for sure i hope he changes the wastegate steampipe to something similar to 6 boost's
  16. yeah i think if the wastegate steampipe went to the side from where all the steampipes meet and is shorter it would have better boost controll
  17. yeah sorry i hadnt been on here a while and just after i posted it i saw the thread sorry guys ignore it and yeah i was going to stick to the td06 and stay stock mani for the cost reasons but for the money on one of those manifolds i think id rather go the t67
  18. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/320823909317?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649#ht_2182wt_1270 found this mild steel top mount manifold. i know the SS manifolds tend to crack and warp from heat and weight. i was wondering if these would be any better as they are mild steel and a cheaper option than a 6 boost
  19. ill just drain it as its easier enough and i need it for my 2 stroke rc cars anyway so its not a big loss
  20. yeah i dont know how well sealed the tank is as it is a tank from the 80's haha but ill do that just run down and fill up a jerry as i cant drive the car atm
  21. thought so just thought id check tho as i dont want to kill the motor cause it leaned out etc just to be on safe side i might drain it anyway as it only got 1/8 of a tank cheers for the reply
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