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  1. look just go all out, PC, Fanatec wheel, PC2 and a Vive... done... oh and make a seat setup but seriously, i guess a budget setup would either be ps4, xbo and PCars then the logi... but if you need realism, then by the sounds of it a higher end wheel will be important... then if you were doing that id just build a pc
  2. I play project cars. I just don't know how "realistic" it is. Its feels quite different to forza 6. Just to let you know project cars 2 will probably be released this year. So depending on when you need or get it gt sport and pc2 might be he way to go
  3. um just check comp i have been confusing your wheel vs i think the g27, the g25 maybe only for pc... im not sure
  4. Forza 6 does have bathurst. And about 10 v8 supercars
  5. f**k thats a big investment...
  6. Ha ha true maybe one day I'll upgrade. What's the price on a fanatec?
  7. Whilst the ps3 gran turismo is the easiest and cheapest method dunno if it is now "most realistic" as title stated. Ps4 has heaps of wheel support. G29 is the current logitec wheel for it and I think there are thrustmaster options and also fanatec but they're more expensive. Something I realised is you also wanted v8. Is that supercars? If so dunno if project cars or assetto has fhem. Not sure about gran turismo either.
  8. Well it depends on if the g25 is supported by the ps4. Of not check if it's pc supported. It should be. Those would be the options hardware wise. Games I'd look at is project cars and assetto corsa. I've only played project cars. It's pretty good played it with a controller and it was horrible got myself a g920 and it was heaps better. Assetto corsa might be better but can't coment on it. Pc might have more game options too.
  9. does someone have a pic of what its suppose to look like when hooked up on the other side, ive just taken mine apart and put it together and it works when not hooked up to the door but when i hooked it up it wouldnt work, i think its just cause it fell off and now is in the wrong position. with out it hooked up going full hot makes the arm move to the front of the car. going full cold makes it move closer to the cabin/gearbox But i cant seem to get it to line up with the door when i set it too full hot or full cold when i move the door myself
  10. This was a post i think from Scotty a long time ago... Ive always wondered why more havent tried it... But looking at my car today, it's cause its a tight squeeze... http:// Whats the sensor thats suppose to be there, cause its in the way...?
  11. That STR is quite blingy... also how does everyone feel about the Shark fins? I liked them when they had them years ago and I still do, well some of them... some look shit, usually the ones that are squared off at the back, cant remember which team has it
  12. the Ferrari sidepods are an interesting shape, very different from the others, also is that a 'wing' at the end of the shark fin?
  13. Ha ha yeah you helped out with the brakes! Could you PM me a price? I cant get one straight away but would help with budgeting
  14. yeah i have noticed that too about 250 being the average. Just weird that I had 280 at one point, although tuner did find the gate slightly open and once that was tightened maybe it didnt like it... but didnt show up at the time. The only thing I can see different on your graph is mine has boost around 16psi and slowly rises to 19-20ish at redline, in my other thread people have mentioned things like CAS so I guess I just have to work out what I want to start with... Well having 280 at one point makes the 250 boring straight away
  15. It's interesting seeing this thread as I had my car tuned this time last year and it made 280rwkw, after getting it about a month or two it started knocking, took it back late last year and 4 degrees of timing was taken out above 10psi to keep it safe dropping it to 250rwkw. I was told it just wouldnt take sensible timing without knock and it had high IAT. Just considering now if I bite the bullet and get a PWR or Plazmaman cooler and see if that fixes it, otherwise I have other issues. Obviously I could just go to E85 but I just want get it running correctly on 98 first.