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  1. Na I still wish Maldonado got the seat
  2. Ha ha thanks I'll.keep that in mind
  3. yeah i ened up not doing them, for my needs atm stock lines will be more than enough
  4. Yep thought so. Thanks Another thing that just pictured to me. I installed split fires before going back to the dyno and I just installed them and started driving it. Was I meant to change any settings in the ecu? I've seen stuff about split fire "charge times"? Is it like injectors and how they need to be set up correctly first
  5. i dont know exactly how a CAS works so from a bit of searching around, most cas issues mean the car wont start at all. if i were to buy a second hand cas and swap that in, the only way to rule it out would be to chuck it back on the dyno am i correct? i am keeping the CAS high on the list as many have mentioned it, although when i asked my tuner about it being a possibility he said it COULD be the issue although unlikely as he said "there was no trigger miscounted" and "the consistency of the issue across the entire map under load"
  6. Ah k well the afr were all good
  7. do you mean if the afr was fine or rich then there isnt an issue with fuel system(injectors, FPR ect)
  8. Yeah that's my thought too as it looks like it was actually 3 pc richer than the initial tune.
  9. sorry does that mean it would be pretty obvious if there was a problem with fuel system and its most likely not the issue?
  10. It is a jasma one. But I feel it's odd that I was making the power with the cat back already
  11. He did mention he took a bit of fuel out of the map as the afr was a touch rich. Would that rule out the fuel system? I didn't ask either but a pressure gauge in the fuel line would tell whether there was an issue in the fuel system wouldn't it?
  12. Ok I don't think I had the issue as I would have noticed when I went to put the gasket on. No I don't know how much timing is in there before after the change. I may have to see if I can find out tomorrow.
  13. Yeah same tuner. I do.t really have anything to check pre and after cooler. Yeah jjr bellmouth dump venom cat hks superdragger cat back
  14. So in February I had my car tuned making around 280rwkw. The car drove fine maybe a little carp down low, which I thought was the vct plug needing replacing. The car then began flashing the cel/knock light. Replaced the vct plug and took it back to get the tune looked at. I've been told the car can't handle timing above 10psi and 4 degrees of timing was taken out anywhere above 10psi. IAT were mid to high 50. Don't know if that's an issue. Car has Hypergear atr43ss2 Top feed rail with 1000cc xspurt Jjr return flow cooler Haltec platinum pro Any reasons why a car would be fine with the timing then after a few months hate it. Tuner thinks the 98 down here is bad but I can't see why it would be that bad/different
  15. Yep bosch I had to change mine a few weeks ago