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  1. MatthewT85

    well that went perfectly for Hamo
  2. MatthewT85

    I did see something a while back maybe on Ted's notebook about it being done and fia clamped down on it by saying teams could only burn xx amount of oil. But yeah again nothing concrete didn't know Horner wasn't happy.
  3. MatthewT85

    so didnt watch the race... but sounds eventful! sounds like vettel may have acted like a bit of a brat...
  4. MatthewT85

    So that was a big stupid that dany got two penalties for the one crime and it was race controls fault from what i can see... I usually try and watch the canadian gp as it always seems to be one of the better races but just couldnt this year
  5. Yeah same. I was going to get the expansions when they were on sale but missed it... Also car packs have never interested me. The hundreds of cars you can get are enough for me... I spend a half hour on the daily forzathon the other and rage quit it though... Who wants to jump a g65...
  6. I've been playing it on and off mainly when the forzathons are on. I have been playing it with a g920. Bit have gone back to F1 and project cars recently. Also it is available on PC. Digital and I think maybe it has to be Windows 10
  7. MatthewT85

    That's interesting I might have to have a look at mine. The one that crosses the left and right cover at the front has a crack so might replace all of them while im at it
  8. MatthewT85

    hmmm i may need to check this as well as im chasing issues... never really looked at it before
  9. MatthewT85

    damn i thought it would have been alright... what made it bad?
  10. MatthewT85

    look just go all out, PC, Fanatec wheel, PC2 and a Vive... done... oh and make a seat setup but seriously, i guess a budget setup would either be ps4, xbo and PCars then the logi... but if you need realism, then by the sounds of it a higher end wheel will be important... then if you were doing that id just build a pc
  11. MatthewT85

    I play project cars. I just don't know how "realistic" it is. Its feels quite different to forza 6. Just to let you know project cars 2 will probably be released this year. So depending on when you need or get it gt sport and pc2 might be he way to go
  12. MatthewT85

    um just check comp i have been confusing your wheel vs i think the g27, the g25 maybe only for pc... im not sure
  13. MatthewT85

    Forza 6 does have bathurst. And about 10 v8 supercars
  14. MatthewT85

    f**k thats a big investment...
  15. MatthewT85

    Ha ha true maybe one day I'll upgrade. What's the price on a fanatec?