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  1. This. The lack of AWD makes me sad but goes ok from factory.
  2. But fun fact the missus got a new car to replace the gaping hole in my heart.....
  3. I think you can get quafe for the rear as well. It also might be worth checking that the fluid is topped up for the rear diff. Right side of the boot from memory. Or you could sell it back to me....
  4. Weird, I had it changed about 3 months before I sold it to you. But yes go front diff, everyone who has one says that its the mod to have Haha I might just take you up on that.
  5. With that power time for a front LSD me thinks, I always wanted one Yes James I'm living vicariously through you
  6. As this was my old car I can confirm the -7's. The higher compression pistons probably help too. As for dynos when this car was running 98 it made 310kws at JEM and 296kws at ESP, so i belive it. Also wish I had gone the E85 route now.... Happy to see you looking after the car man.
  7. Stock AFMs. With e85 you should get a bigger pump. And be a good lad and listen to the boys at ESP, stick a big single on it and go have fun.
  8. Hahaha looks like driving the GtsT has worked out in your favour Glad to see you enjoying the car.
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