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  1. Thanks for the reply guys, when the mech tried to add in more oil at the side, (via the fill plug) oil is already leaking out, his explanation is that it shouldnt as previously when he opened the fill plug, the oil is still below the mark, it shouldnt leak out. He put more than 2l of oil in the transfer case because he is under the impression that the oil will flow into the gearbox once the transfer is full.
  2. Yes, i realize im filling the transfer case, and im sure the fluid is proper (RP Synchromax) and the notchiness is only prior to the oil change. After the change, its smooth and alot better. However, the issue to note here is if by filling the full 4 ltres in the gearstick, will that 2 litres be flowing over to the gearbox, as the mechanic have sworn when he opened up the gearbox, there is a connector hole between the transfer case and gearbox,
  3. The transfer is using an ATF specification fluid, ie the RP Synchromax. Just need to know if, filling via the gearstick really does overflow to the box and will overflow the right quantity.
  4. Yeap, they share the same oil, to add to that, when we drain the oil from both gearbox and transfer case, they both had the exact same color and oil thickness(very subjective though). And yes the colors are red from factory. If (currently) there is absolutely no oil in the gearbox, should i be experiencing a very notchy feeling? Didnt fill in any oil from the side, all 4 litres is filled from gearstick, the connector hole will overflow the excess to the gearbox.
  5. Hi Guys, I know the getrag have been covered quite extensively, but so far i have not come across any threads that i can find on the issue. Went to my mech to top up additional RP Synchromax of 1 ltre from the side ( the gearbox itself) as previously the supplier ran out of RP. Driven the car for about 30 mins from my place to the workshop, mech jacks the car up and loosens the drain plug. He is absolutely surprised as to why the oil is draining out as previously he only filled in 1 litre in and it should not be draining out as the level of oil is only half ( He put his finger in and felt its half full) As he previously have seen the GETRAG boxes opened up, he realized there is a connecting hole from the transfer case to the gearbox. Ie anything more than 2 litre that is filled from the gearstick, excesses will be flowed into the gearbox section. Im just wondering if this is true ,and if anyone has completely drained all oils ( from transfer case and gearbox) and fill the full 4 ltrs of oil straigt into the gearstick. It was abit notchy before i reached there, but once the full 4 litres is filled in from the gearstick, i do realize gear change is very smooth. Any similar experiences from you guys? Thanks
  6. Here's my vpsec II from Sau Vic section
  7. Anyone has the part no for the accumulator? my R34GTR is having the same problem too. Wonder if its even ok to continue driving it, will it lead to any pump failure etc of the ATTESSA Thanks,
  8. Im having the same problem now. Previously it was fine after almost a year of installing a sard fuel pump. It tries to prime every 2 seconds on idle , but goes away once the car moves. opinions anyone?
  9. Happy Birthday guys , AP, hows the gtst doing? So Far Kinggg Freshhh?
  10. Darren83

    Spotted Thread

    Spotted my old car at lygon 2 days ago, black r32 gtst with gtr spoiler. Looks exactly the same, no skirts, std rims. Those were the days....
  11. Darren83

    Spotted Thread

    xalmon... im confused too.... its not a selangor car, its a KL car. (Selangor is a state)
  12. Darren83

    Spotted Thread

    hey nick, whats up at your end? hows things? Yeah, thats my car, was prolly there for movies or something.. Will be coming down to melb next week for 2 weeks, gotta get outta the bank for a while... cheers
  13. I just did mine with PFC Frontpipes Decat & catback apexi pods and i got 253awkw with mine boost is already running near 1 bar, so i didnt bother with ebc.
  14. Ash, hahaha problem is, the rest is worse ! If only iim still in vic, problem solved...
  15. Just called the tuner again this arvo that AM fuel pump needs rewiring, his justification is that newer cars such as the 34 dont need it. Im beginning to think if i went to the right place....
  16. After the pump is replaced, i asked the tuner again and again if voltage is enough, he confirms its enough without rewiring or increasing. Yeap, i have changed the fuel filter. Basically, the tuner said after installing the pump, if my stereo works fine, volt is supposedly sufficient. :S
  17. Now i know the general consensus is that FPR's are not needed even for 300rwkw there abouts, provided with the correct injectors and fuel pumps. But what if the fuel pressure is low at idle, say 2 bar? Is it enough to justify that an FPR is needed? Basically, my setup is PFC, stock injectors, sard 280 lph fuel pump, pods and exhaust. During the tune, fuel pressure is low at idle, showing 2 bar, hence my tuner said thats the cause of the sudden spike in afr's towards the 7k rpm during a tune done earlier. Have replaced a fuel pump since, without increasing the voltage, although i have suggested that to my tuner, but he said its not necessary. Given that scenario, should i get an FPR? Planning to get a sard FPR. Opinions ?
  18. Just replaced my fuel pump last week with a sard 280lph. Went on dyno today, fuel pressure at idle at low revs is still low, tuner suspects that is the cause of the sudden spike in high afr's during the tune. Will be getting a fuel pressure regulator next week and see if things improve. Will be getting a sard FPR. Hopefully this solves the issue.
  19. R34GTR VSPEC-II Auto Select front pipe Apexi Pods Nismo decatted cat back exhaust PFC Stock Boost, running around 13 AFR ARC Radiator 253awkw
  20. Thats good that the new pump solved the issue. This is my graph, , notice the sudden spike in afr's in the lower graph.
  21. Hey, thanks, have you had similar problems before? and that solved the problem? im going to replace the fuel filter and getting a bosch fuel pump instead and earth it properly to see if it rectifies it
  22. Im actually having somewhat similar problem with my gtr, its making approx 253awkw and towards 7k rpm, its leaning out with a spike of 16, and its detonating. Im buying a new walbro pump and hopefully it fixes the problem. Cheers Daz
  23. Paul, actually, the tune was done on the road, only after, i decided to put it on the dyno to get some numbers that the pinging start showing on the graph and engine light started flashing according to another tuner, who just did a power run on it. Looking at it, i might probably take it to somewhere else, that tuner is a bit stubborn and told me not to believe in myself but him. Have faith in the tuner. Well after the graph, i think i know the answer. LOL. Thanks all for the replies, i will get the fuel filter replaced this weekend. Cheers Daz
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