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R33 S2 Gts For Sale!

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Im selling my skyline as 05 has been a terrible one for me financially that is.

A little bit about my car:

Series 2 R33 GTS manual turbo.

Exterior Mods:

Veilside Front bar

Veiside Side skirts

Veilside quarter Panel attachments

Car was resprayed in Burgandy mettalic when i had the bodykit fitted

Interior Mods:

Pioneer CD player

Turbo Timer

Retrimmed Parcel Shelf with 6 by 9 speakers

Gold painted stereo Surround

Engine bay:

Apexi air filter

Blitz BOV

Cusco strut brace

3 Inch cat back exhaust

Im located in melb and i prefer melbourne buyers but i can send the car interstate for a small fee as i no a cheap transport company

Im asking $15 500 and all replies can be made via pm or 0408 57 86 27






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y not what could they possibly do with it

AND i dun it for a reaosn coz some people claim to knmow the ins and outs of skylines and really dont no whaty their talking about

You can do a lot with vin or engine number .You can be suprised.

And wtf is wrong with Your speling??????????????????????????????


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please no more comments about vin numbers and what model the car is or isnt. it is a genuine series 2 skyline.

the vin number will basically tell you the cars model, build date, factory colour, drivetrain, gearbox and thats it. nothing you couldn't find out for yourself if you went to look at the car physically. if you dont like the car then don't post about it, simple. genuine comments and interested parties only please

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The 2nd hand car market has had the ass fall out of it, if u want to get rid of seomthing quick ur going to have to be willing to drop the price, im not commenting on your car just tomm0's post. I just sold my car and had to drop 2k on top of the drops made in the prievious month or two.

PS nice car btw and u should get close to that price by the looks of things

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also wat colour undies r u wearing? if they are red i will give u 53 cents for the car, no more no less! hahahaha

u rasie some good points related to what u should look at when buying a car man, good job, but 12 g 1st offer b4 seeing the car, then most likey offering even less once u c it, geez mate take it ezzyyy!

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would u like me to deliver it fill up the tank at detail that aslo for 12 k

listen man id rather burn it for 12 k

Its good an all your a skyline knower but what do u want it for, nuffin?

IF u owned this car and u were asking 15 for it and sum flop said il give u 12 ud be prettty pissed off as well

i mena im desperate but f**k not that desperate

15 k no lesss

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