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Fuel Pickup Problem In R33 Sedan

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Hi Folks,

I'm still having some fuel surge issues despite having installed a new fuel pump about 12 months ago. Made the mistake of having Jap Motorsport install a new "GTR Fuel Pump". I believe that the pickup and sock at the base of the pump is probably incorrect for a GTS-T fuel tank let alone a GTS25T Sedan fuel tank!

My problem is that I've never laid eyes on a "standard" fuel pump assembly for the sedan, so I don't know whether it would be easy enough to fabricate the correct style pickup to suit or whether I should just go for a Tomei fuel pump kit which has the complete, correct assembly included.

At this stage, it seems pointless going for an external pump / surge tank arrangement while I'm still struggling to suck 45 litres out of the tank. Plus, even moderate right hand turns will cause fuel starvation once below 1/3 of a tank! :D

Has anyone else out there with a sedan experienced anything similar and found the ideal solution? :P



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