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R32 Year Difference

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heya, some more annoying questions form me!

ive noticed theres a bit of a weight difference in the 89-91 R32's and the 91-93 R32s.

just interested in what the differencces are? engines much different? ecu updated and why a WHOLE 100kgs more?


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the change was from 1260 to 1290 (coupe) and 1290 to 1320 (sedan)

the 30kgs was just a more conservative figure, although i dont really know why?

Maybe options? there were many pretty useless options (air purifier,) front spoiler adjsuter etc..

other things that changed were the dials- blue on 89/90 models., and the gt badges on the fenders were silver or gold(option), these later became blue and red.

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