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2835r Hks Vs Gcg Hiflow.


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I have just purchesed a RB25DET R32 4door from japan with a HKS GT2835R turbo kit , high mounted with 38mm ex gate,GARAGE SAURAS remap ecu,480cc injectors (nismo), AFM removed ,metal nismo headgasket, step 1 tomei cams with adj cam gears from hks.


bad news.. turbo is giving way apprently the auction report says.. it says "TURBINE OIL LEAK" .... I am not sure what they mean, but im guessing oil seals?..

I am tossing up to get a GCG hiflow on the standard r34 turbo i can get for dirt cheap?

Does anyone have dyno graph of the GCGhiflow on the RB25 ? and one with the 2835R HKS ?

i will be using it for drift/street purpose so i wanna compare midrange power (@4500rpm ) on 1.3bar atleast.

what is the "max power" average on these GCG turbos? and HKS 2835R?

im sure you know my situation and questions, as my turbo is probably blowing smoke like a c**t ( pictures indicate rear bar really smokey from high boost and most likely turbo seal dead!)

thanks! sorry for the q's/

i am aiming for 220rwkw @ 4500rpm from a reliable turbo. engine h

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for that power level the hiflow should do fine. you could just get your 2835 reconditioned with new seal and what ever needs fixing by gcg. i suspect the 2835 will make more top end power, but the gcg hiflow will have less lag. is the current amount of lag acceptable? if so then get it rebuilt. moving to powerfc with airflow meter will give you a better tune also

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You mentioned the GT2835R was highmounted. Are you planning on high mounting an RB25 turbo intsead? Wouldnt that require a new intercooler piping setup, oil and water lines? Your setup is already tuned to accomidate the GT2835R. I say stick to it and just recon it. Seems to be the easiest way to go. And perhaps you should hope for the best, "TURBINE OIL LEAK" may simply mean a leak through the oil lines? (happened to a mate of mine recently on his GT28R).

Fingers crossed the turbo is still in good nik, your setup sounds awesome :rolleyes:

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I would be getting the 2835 repaired given a choise , they can be rebuit if its only bearings and seals . If its chopped out the piston ring groove on the turbine there is a Garrett cartridge that uses the same turbine with a larger trim version of your compressor (assumes yours is 52T) . Buy , swap compressor and run .

When it gets here send me the turbo ID tag numbers and I'll see what is closest in the Garrett marketed range of cartridges .

Cheers A .

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