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Dvd's Wont Play In Jvc Incar Dvd Player?


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Hey guys ,

Ive got a current model jvc indash screen/dvd all in one unit and it was working fine until recently. Now it will not play dvds at all but will still play dcs and mp3 cds fine. Im stumped to what it could be and i really gotta get this sorted out asap. Ive tried unplugging the unit and resetting it all etc but nothing will work , Ive also run a lens cleaner through it. Any help would be appreciated , Thanks

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the jvc dvd player/all in one head units will play cds/ mp3s everything fine.. but will only play dvd's if they are connectet to the handbrake and the handbrake is on... its a safety feature so that you cant watch movies while driving and be distracted.. you might find the handbrake lead hasnt been hooked up... there is also a way around it.. i think if you ground that lead everyhting will work ok... but dont quote me on that... could be wrong.. anyway, hope that stears you in the right direction..



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