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post-24252-1136792551.jpgI recently imported a skyline from Japan which just happened to have a lemon of a motor in it......dodgey....... If you wanna know which company it was that sold me this dodgey car..... email me at [email protected] They are a big exporter too......

Luckily enough I ended up buying an rb25 from a great friend of mine.....scored it for $2150.....a bargain indeed..... email me for his contact details and a bargain....

So I got my motor put in by the awesome mechanics named Charlie and Joe at C & J Allmake in Garran, Canberra....email me for more details..... These guys received my motor at 11am and had my car running and ready to drive away by 5:30pm that day...... AWESOME GUYS.....and will be my mechanics as long as I own a car! They specialise in skylines and turbo cars so I can only HIGHLY recommend them.....

Since the motor has been put in, my car has run like a dream...... and will hopefully be drifting on a track near you soon....

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