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Nissan 300zx Question


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Hey guys, the old man has a pretty much stock 300ZX, 1991 model, non turbo, 4 seater. Problem with it is that it's noisy as hell to drive. Now we've tracked down this problem, it being the tailshaft and for some reason Nissan's 2 piece tail shaft is god damned noisy. We got it replaced a year or two ago with another Nissan shaft however the sound came back rather quickly although it did help for a while. My dad spoke to the boys at Nissan and they said the only way to get around this is to go for a full piece tail shaft rather than the two piece that came with the car. My question is, will this remove the sound and fix it for good or will it just turn out to be a waste of money? What I really would like is to hear from others who've gone through this and speaking to a few other 300 owners, it seems like this problem is very common.

Also, if anyone has any other suggestions how to get over this noise/vibration that the tailshaft is generating then please, lets hear it...

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The noise that eminates from the two piece tail shaft

on the z32 is ordinarily the centre bearing.

The tail shaft usually tremors or tramps under excelleration and then dissapates after some time/speed.

Was this bearing replaced at the same time as the tail shaft?

If it was, it seems unusual that the problem has returned so soon. Who did the fitment?

If it wasn't replaced, then you can fit a thousand tail shafts and the vibration will never go away.

A single or one piece tail shaft will solve this problem.

But at $700 to $1000 to purchase, a centre bearing is at most $275 or less and is a smarter option.

If your fathers zed is a stock NA, then a one piece is an overkill,

to say the least, as these are rated to handle up to 550+ rwkw,

a stock NA 300zx makes 115 rwkw.

good luck...... B)

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Hey mate, thanks for the reply!

Firstly, that bearing was also replaced with the tailshaft I can't tell you who fit it as it was some time ago now but I could find out for you. But I can say with 100% certainty that it was replaced and while it did solve the problem, the sound did return after a while. The 300 my old man has is a stock NA, and I also thought and told him a single piece would be too much for the car and hence a little wasteful but he insists on replacing the two piece with a single. That's his choice I guess, his money, his car. Could you perhaps recommend someone who you would trust to do this swap?

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Adelaide workshops for Zeds

Here's a little list for you to try heslo. I don't live in Adelaide but I got this info from aus300zx.com.


- biggest rip off

- backyarder work shop

- guy is a tool

- does not know much about z32's ...only old school z cars

Go to:


2 Stirling Rd Blackwood 5051 (08) 8370 3450



14 Famechon Crs Modbury North 5092 (08) 8264 2077

I'm not certain they do the work you require, but if not they will recommend someone who can.

good luck........ B)

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Many thanks PORTS, I'll let my old man know and let him take it from there. Might even get him to call the guys in Sydney, see what they can tell him.


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After all this talk on one piece tailshafts for NA's, I'm having one fitted at UAS. After having a thrash at Eastern creek the other week, my uni's and centre bearing are stuffed, so out with the old and in with the new. B)

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