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R32 Gts-t Modified - 17,500 Ono

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Item: 1989 Nissan Skyline R32 Gts-t Type M

Location: Sydney, Northern Beaches

Item Condition: Mechanically very good

Reason for Selling: Loss of license (and therefore privilege to drive a turbo car)

Price and Payment Conditions: $17,500 ono

Extra Info: Extensive modifications see below.

Contact Details: Contact Rowan - Mobile: 0410 321 343, Email: [email protected]

Pictures when my digital camera works again

Inspections welcome. Joyriders will be castrated.


Black '89 R32 Gts-t Type M

81,000 K's approx


RB20DET recently fitted - Old engine was on the way out with a leaking head gasket. this comes with the car for spares or rebuild

Mines ECU

GREDDY mechanical boost controller.

HKS Power Flow filter with large heat sheild

HKS T04 Type low mount turbo with small heat sheild.

HKS exhuast manifold

HKS 45mm Wastgate with screamer pipe

3" approx dump to 4" racing exhuast with cat and Kakimoto Racing Muffler. Nice and quiet when off boost.

Trust front mount cooler

Pro Peirce BOV

Earl's Oil cooler and upgraded oil lines

R32 GTR fuel pump

SARD rising rate fuel pressure regulator

GREDDY Rebik II extra injector controller, 2 GTR injectors mounted on manifold with custom fuel rail. This was installed in Japan and i have unhooked the fuel line beacuse it isn't necessary for the boost i'm running.

Engine is internally standard and running on 0.8 bar of boost.

Runs very well. Always warmed up, and waited until the fuel pump was fully primed until driving.

Performance is laggy until about 4000 rpm. Typical of this turbo setup on an RB20. After that performance is excellent. Sounds fantastic too.

An RB20 can reliably handle about 1 bar with this equipment, i had planned to install a new computer to run GTR injectors but haven't yet SO THE GTR INJECTORS COME WITH THE CAR.

Radiator has just been reconitioned with new end tanks.

The old engine has dynoed 177 rwkw backing off in 4th - doesn't sound much but its high revs power which means high speed. The new engine should make a better curve especially in the low range. many mechanics have estimated low 12 sec quarter mile times from the car - i live on the northern beaches so i have never taken it out to the strip.


As new Exeedy clutch - flywheel was machined when fitted. Comes with old button centre puck clutch that can be rebuilt. (this clutch was much better than the new one, easier on the leg, much better bite and aloowed quicker gearshift also)

Standard gearbox and driveshaft

Aftermarket diff - unsure of type

HICAS cancel bar

Standard brakes

Front strut brace

HKS stuts all round - firm ride and great handling, makes the steering very direct.

17" lightweight AVS 5 dual spoke alloys.

Good tyres allround - 215 medium rubber front and 235 hard rubber rear (wears out slower)


Personal leather steering wheel - leather a little perished on one side

Standard seats

Air Con regassed

Fake Carbon fibre pattern trim on door inserts (i didn't put it there!! it would be easy to remove i just haven't bothered)

Razo shift knob and pedals.

Omini boost gauge mounted in dash cluster infront of the stock boost dial

3x Omni guages mounted in REAL carbon fibre surround in glove box

- oil pressure

- oil temp

- exhuast temp

HKS Turbo Timer also mounted in glove box - currently not connected, it looks like someone tried to nick it while the car was on the ship from japan but was unsuccessful. I have always just sat in the car for an extra minute while the turbo cooled down - sounds far fetched but i loved this car.

Air vents are almost all good, 2 bent slats bent the wrong way from one of those japanese cup holders. this can be fixed if you take them out.

Stereo, kept to a minimum.

- JVC CD Head unit

- Apline two way 4x6 front speakers

- Sub in rear (not selling with the car)


In fair condition. NO RUST at all. no serious damage. I have never paid much attention to the looks of this car as i prefer it to look as inconspicuous as possible (sleeper), also it attracts less attention from theives and vandals.

Full Type M Kit

- front bar has small crack and scratches

- left side skirt is cracked

- rear bumper is scuffed and cracked

R32 GTR Wing

Paint on bonnet is peeling (its because it goes so fast :unsure: )

Small dent on LHR quater above the wheel arch

Comes with unpainted R32 GTR front bar made to fit Gts-t. Still in wrapping.

I loved this car and will be very sorry to see it go but seeing as i cant drive it until i get my full license i can't afford to hang on to it.

Great performer, suprising for an internally stock RB20, and still a great daily driver off boost. When you're off boost it attracts very little police attention - it looks like a stock Gts-t with an exhaust.

Rego until late August.

Many receipts for work.

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