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Rb25 Turbo Kit

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Hey peoples

I have the following RB25 Turbo kit for sale

Kit includes:

Hi Flowed Stock R33 Turbo (never boosted) (no shaft play)

Stock R33 gtst Manifold

Stock R33 gtst Manifold Heat Shield

Stock R33 gtst Intercooler

Stock R33 gtst Intercooler piping

Stock R33 gtst Dump pipe

All items are in great condition

Sorry but cant post pics atm, my digital camera had a run in with the kitchen sink. thats a long story. LoL...

Price: $2000

Postage: $? Buyer pays for postage. Cost depends on location. I will however do everything i can to locate the cheapest price for you.

All items will be securely packaged and wrapped in bubble wrap for postage.



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