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Mounting Greddy Profec Controller


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I want to remove my ashtray in my SII R33 and mount my Greddy Profec boost controller in there (to make it a little hidden) so just the face of it sticks through a panel. I don't want stick it anywhere else around the dash using velcro or doble sided tape. There are no mounting points on the casing of it, I'm certainly not going put screws into the controller casing, but can't figure out how I'm going to mount it in a replacement panel (in the ashtray compartment).

And of course it has to be held securely as I still have to be able to press the buttons without pushing it back through the panel!

Mounting the controller in the spare DIN slot underneath the stereo would be the same kind of principal, so if anyone has done that I'd love to know how you've secured it.

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