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Modified R33..... 250kw @ Wheels

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Item: Nissan R33 gts-t series 1 1994

Location: Geelong, Victoria

Item Condition: excellent

Reason for Selling: upgrade plan

Price and Payment Conditions: $20,000 firm, no RWC, reg till aug/06

Extra Info:

Nissan R33 series 1 gts-t (1994)




5 speed manual

Jim Berry brass button clutch (installed last weekend)

Blitz SS air filter


Hi-Flow turbo

Nismo 840cc injectors

Malpassi adj fuel reg

Nippon Denso performane fuel pump

Microtech lts-12 ECU & handcontroller (comes with stock ECU also)

Blitz spec S electronic boost controller

Full turbo back aftermarket exhaust system

Cusco strut brace

nismo clear side indicators

Full bodykit

*veilside rear bar, 400R sides, frontbar (to be decided), type M wing

*(wont include frontbar & carbon bonnet/mirrors)

17" rims (235/45/r17 bridgestone 70% rubber)

braided brake lines

Bendix advance brake pads

blue painted calipers


tinted windows

alarm/imobiliser (keyless entry)

full earthing kit

El Dials cluster (white during day an choice of green/blue at night)

Rockford Fosgate head unit, earthquake front 6" splits

interior is stock & excelent condition

Car has always been meticulously maintained (service every 6 months)

few marks in paint (few stone chips in std bonnet one key scratch on rear 1/4 panel....bastards) - no panel damage

last time up on a dyno made 248kw (@melb autosalon) on 18psi

mainly driven on 12psi

never been draging (calder etc..) or done trackwork

has been my 4 year project but something I want has come up, has always been well treated, always garaged, I'm first Ausralian owner.

there may be other stuff i've missed. Am looking to sell this relitively quickly....but not for a cheaper price

comes with standard VIC plates

for more photo's...see my gallery in members section (no longer has the GT wing)


Contact Details:

Berin Connell

0417 546 384

[email protected]



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Price DROP!!!! Have to sell quickly otherwise i'll miss the oportunity on my next car.

$20,000!!!!!!!! (but i'll be keeping my wheels too)

Be fast. AWSOME car at this price, if i didnt need to act fast, there is no way I'd let it go this cheap.

250kW R33 for $20,000.

have reciepts for all work done on car, has cost me over $10,000 in modifications ALONE!!

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i'll be sorting out some 17" rims for it, but if i cant find decent ones at a decent price, it'll be to stock 33 rims.

Being its another 33 i'm looking at buying i want to retain my personal touches to my car that took me a long time to find.

I am also currently getting a fibreglass GTR front bar for it which will be freshly painted & fitted. (keeping mine because its GENUINE GTR series 3 item)

also, i know its a far stretch, but if anyone is willing to pay for the car on say a friday, and pick it up on the following monday arvo....

the car will come with a carbonfibre bonnet (single 400R type vent in centre of bonnet), HKS coilovers, nismo 300km speedo, nismo mechanical LSD & HKS cat back exhaust (all which will be removed from the other car i'll be getting, hense why i need both cars for the weekend).

I'd just need the weekend to change over the parts from one car to the other. Oh and I'm a mechanic by trade, so you can be safe in knowing i know what i'm doing when replacing these items.

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I think I'm selling this car for too cheap as is....so does everyone I know when I tell them what price I'm selling it for....

so no sorry, the $20,000 is the firm lowest price. And a bargan at that.

as mentioned in a few posts up, it'll have coilovers & carbon bonnet & few other goodies extra, provided once paid for I can keep the car for for a few days to put the goodies in.


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