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Hello From The Uk!


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Hello from London UK :)

Been reading this forum for the last couple of days, simply because you guys seem to be the only souce of Cefiro info in the WHOLE of cyberspace. Im a member of www.driftworks.co.uk which is the UK's main drift comunity. I have just bought an A31 Cefiro and wondered if you guys could offer me some information?

I have also just bought myself another R33gtst which was unfortunatly involved in a nasty accident :P However the running geat and engine are straight so I was planning on swapping the engine and box into a ceffy. I can't see this being massivly difficult but if anybody knows of someone who has done it. I would love to speak to them before hand!


Are the R32 and A31 rear subframe & suspension components the same?

Am I right in thinking S13 coilovers will fit the A31?

I know that R32 rear strutbraces will fit the A31 but what about front? Nobody over here stocks aftermarket items for the A31 and I was wondering if they where the same as S13 items.

My car runs an RB20E engine on an automatic box... Which is a bit crap but i bought the car for the shell (which is really tidy) rather than the engine (which is shat) Does anybody know what diffs these cars run? Are they standard open diffs? or do they have an LSD.

Thanks in advance folks!

and HELLO!


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Greetings. congratulations on buying a good car

most footwork (suspension etc) will come out of the S13,

the RB25 will fit into the engine bay, as will all other running gear

i dunno about front strutbraces

if you look inside the centre console between the two seats there is a gold sticker which tells you whether or not you have a viscous LSD which are shat anway, enjoy!

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The R33 running gear won't bolt straight up to the Cefiro though will it?

It was my understanding that the A31 was built on the S13/R32/Z32 floorpan and the R33/R34/S14/S15 etc were all built on a compleatly different one. VLSD's are not as shit as people make out ya know.

Fresh R33 VLSD's do lockup quite nicely with a kick in 2nd gear :) However it's not exactly advisable to lift off while sliding :) If it has an open diff, i will weld in in the short term then buy something like a Kaaz 2way or something.

Im only setting the car up as my "Road Car" as the S14 (that I use to compete in some of the drift series over here) has grown a little bit too extream for everyday road use :P

Thanks for the information folks!


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we just used the front and rear hubs of an R33 GTSt to do a 5 stud conversion on a ceffy. We also swapped the RB25DET, gearbox, wiring loom, ECU, power steering pump, rack, alternator, brakes, and brake booster into the A31 (coincidentally also an RB20E auto model). So its mostly compatible. Suspension struts/coilovers are more compatible with the S13. Diff was the same as an R32... or maybe it was an S13... i'm not actually sure on that one, we used a mechanical 1.5 way in any case. A viscous LSD will only last you so long, but if its for regular street use and not track use, then it'll be fine.

A31 strutbraces can be bought out of thailand/malaysia pretty cheaply, they're decent quality too (or you can get em from australia, either way you'll get stung with shipping though). You can't fit R32 strutbraces onto an A31, because the R32 ones are 2 bolt and the A31's are 3 bolt. Your best bet would be an adjustable S13 brace (3 bolt), as the distance between the towers of the S13 and A31 are slightly different.

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I have an Rb25 Powered Ceffy that is, when money and time off work permitting gets drifted.

Heres some drivetrain stuff that I don't think was mentioned.

Ceffies use an S13 cradle for the diff, If your going to chase power or dori the car get an R200 diff from an S13 or S14, it will bolt straight in and has 5 stud drive shafts which will handle alot better than the standard 4 stud stockers - this being said I did shatter the 5 bolts on my left hand drive shaft and make a mess of it yesterday.

The drive shafts from an S13 fit. Which makes parts easy to get hence my car is back on the road as of lunchtime today so shattering the driveshaft wasn't the end of the world.

Go the 5 stud R32 Hub conversion, Im sure there is threads buried here about it, its very easy to do all bolt on stuff, but on the rear youll have to bend and cut the drum metal shrouding stuff... Hard to explain but as far as I know its doesn't come off...

Thats my 2 cents on driveline stuff, its good to upgrade it all it will save some headaches and isn't very expensive to do.

As for engines... Go an RB26

"Well why not? If anythings worth doing, its worth doing right" -Raoul Duke, fear and Loathing In las Vegas

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