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Apexi Gauges & Greddy Pillar 4 Sale (vic)

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ay nice gauges man. can u send to nsw? coz i might be interested. i noticed the screws for the pillar but i couldn't see any holes in the pillar how did you mount it into ur car?

Well i didn't want to ruin my door trim and the pillar with holes so i simply slotted the pillar in between the windscreen and the dash then i used a metal clip to stop it from falling at the top.

And yes i can send to nsw.

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I've had a few pm's asking me what the temp gauge is used for. Its basically to measure in degrees celsius how hot ur engine or radiator gets. In my case i used it to monitor the engine temperature when cruising around.

Its really good coz there was this time when i was driving on a hot day and the gauge told me that my engine was overheating so i pulled over b4 possibly damaging the engine.

Anyway i hope this helps guys.....

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