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Greddy Emanage Tuner (se Qld)

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Hey Everyone,

I recently have upgraded my turbo, injectors, fuel pump, afm and ecu.

I decided to go with a Greddy Emanage Piggy-Back computer cause it seemed the best for my street driven car.

Now the question is who to get to tune it, I don't know of many people that tune e-manage???

Any help would be good, and in S.E QLD too would help...



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Good to see you when emange rather than a powerfc. As for tuning from running through diffferent forums I have hear that


5/150 Edmondstone Street

Newmarket 4051

and cafe 101 motor sport has done a few in there time.

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give pete from pro torque a call 0438 876 649

he tunned my emanage and helped me out heaps with getting it setup and running properly he is at slacks creek, he has tunned plenty of race cars and is very gentle with the car when tuning, he found and fixed up a few air leaks that i had and didn't charge for it. the tune itself isn't cheap but the emanage deos take a fair amount of timeto get them right. Also he knows the emanage back to front

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