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Garrett 2860 -5's

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Got a Pair for sale

Got 2000 to 2500 miles on them, bought from turbo dynamics.

Come with turbo dynamics acuators that run 1Bar, these turbos can run 1.8Bar.

Also have dump pipes and downpipe to match

£1200 for them both

Selling to go for a big single. Great street turbos and I ran 11.6 with these with a shit 1.9 60FT time. Easy 10sec turbos.

Located in the UK, all postage to be paid to AU.

Might do a deal on a Big single

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I have a single turbo setup I'm trying to sell or swap. I require the entire twin turbo setup though including water and oil lines, manifolds, piping, dump pipes, turbos (2860-5) and all other ancilleries. The only thing I don't need are the front pipes.

Pics can be found at http://iceperformance.com.au/gtr

Please let me know if you are interested.

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