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Hey all,

I posted a topic on here a while ago asking advice on what kind of mods i should get for my r33. My car already has an Apex 3 inch exhaust, blitz FMIC and high pressure fuel pump. After a lot of deliberation, ive come to this list, written in order.

1. K & N panel filter

2. Apexi Powerfc (with or without Handset?? advice??)

3. Bigger Injectors (im guessing around the 500cc mark?? or 740cc?? advice again??)

4. Then from that, id say camshafts??

5. Bigger Turbo

Im aiming at around 200 rwkw (at least) on stock internals. This car is also going to be a daily driver so i dont really want to dial up the boost much if at all. I basically want to get as much power as i can safely out of the stock internals.

Is there anything i have missed out in this list?? And finally, how much would this list cost me roughly all up?? including a proper tune and labour to install etc???

I know these are pretty novice questions, but any help would be much appreciated!!!

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1. Filter not too expensive about $80 i think

2. Power FC. If you can find one, buy it. They are around $1K

3. Bigger injectors are good, 550cc would be the mark. You wouldn't have to go to 740 for 200kw. Not sure on price

4. Cam shafts, good idea, pretty expensive tho

5. Again, expensive. Look at some high flowed turbos. Slide has some (trader on sau)

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Thanks heaps mate!!!

Im guessing that with the extra power, and the new ECU, i would need a new Airflow meter as well?

yup, a z32 afm. if you go with a power fc

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