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Passenger Side Seat-belt Wont Work!


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ever since i bought my r32, the passenger side seat belt was fine.. only problem with it is that it wouldnt retract the full way...

now its gotten worse..

it feels as if the seatbelt roll has seized, and that it wont retract and you can even pull it.. so basically, unless your very fricken small/skinny, you wont be wearing the seat belt..

ive taken off the inner panel covering the seat belt roll, and it isnt tangled or anything, everything seems to be fine... i try to pull the seat belt to get some more slack, but nothing happens.... i pull as hard as i can and no slack is given..

how to go about fixing this guys? its shitting me as i usually drive around witha mate or with the gf..


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I think it'll be best to replace the seat belt altogether. It'll be safer and easier for you. You never know what could happen.

Try looking for a replacement at your local wreckers. I don't think it should be all that expensive.

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When i pulled mine apart to fix it one of the plastic gears had cracked and was jammed in the locking mechanism, repco can get replacements for pretty cheap but they need a lil bit of adapting to use the stock stalk bit (that clears the belt from your shoulders)

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i know this is a completely different issue but this post just jogged my memory..in my 89 r32, the passengers side seat belt will sometimes just go slack...its way too dangerous for my liking...like for example my partner will be sitting in the passengers seat with the seat belt being normal, and all of a sudden it just goes slack, she moves and it just goes all loose...anyone got any ideas what this could be? cos i dnt want to have an accident with anyone in the passengers seat and for the seat belt to fail.

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