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i bought the SAFC and waiting to be delivered..

i know one guy installing alarm, turbotimer, and some other electrical kit for auto

is it ok let him install SAFC? i heard i need tune SAFC after install.. is it going to be easy to tune?

i bought this to improve my fuel eco.. i sould reset the ecu after installation right?

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ontop of buying the SAFC you need to get it tuned. it doesnt do anything if you install it if you havent tuned it.

allow around $200 for tuning ontop of installation.

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wtf? tuning cost $200? or include installation?

sorry i cant understand ontop of installtion.. is that mean include installation or the installation is excluded?

thanks for your help guys

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You can install it yourself - its not that hard and will save you money. Just need some wire stippers and electrical tape and a bit of patience. Only about 8- 10 wires or so from memory. Then just drive it to a workshop for a tune. If everything is sweet tune should be $150 - 200.

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ok... thx guys...

tune cost me as much as the equipment cost....shit

ill find who can tune this...

may be mechanics can do? or only performance tuning guy can do?

But thats the whole idea, its the 'tune' thats gonna give you more power...

You need a mechanic / tuner with a dyno, so yes - only performance workshops will have dyno's.

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ok thanks for your advise guys!

veryvery appreciate!!!

ill give it a go with my mechanic

he doesnt have dyno but.... now sure how he going to do with it...

anyway! thanks!!!

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